The Importance of Hydration & Food

This is a short public service announcement.

Kindly hydrate and feed yourself with sugar before attempting to make any form of social contact. Especially if you’re talking to your teachers.

After a drippy beginner’s class and a super advanced class, I walked out and spotted another teacher (guy) who was coming to take class. Both of them were asking when I was hauling my ass to get my visa (Wednesday!). And before I could control what came out of my mouth, I blurted, “Hey, wanna marry ME to save me the trouble?”.


Yeah. Lack of sugar and food coupled with a yoga high is about right for my brain-mouth connection to fail.


p.s : OH before I forget, Congra-nu-life-lations to Foo who’s now officially a Singapore PR! Now go forth and find the Singaporean girl of your dreams 😉


Posted on September 5, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Thanks for the congrats Meiz 🙂

    Don’t know about the Singaporean girl of my dreams though heh

  2. Open mouth, insert foot. Hey, you had yoga brain! It’s not your fault…..

  3. The dreaded yoga brain. aaack

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