Making It Work, Working It Out

Is it just me, or do I attract the egomaniacs around me? You know, the ones that think highly of themselves, what they do, etc etc.

The ones that kinda trample on your self-esteem once in a while.

Hmm. Yeah. I think there’s some funky Freudian shit going on here.


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  1. Quoting a line from somewhere..

    “The reason we marry, is because we want someone to bear witness to the events in our life”

    Doesn’t that in some way make us ALL egomaniacs.. to be involved only so that we can show them our life, who we are (or how great we are). While reverse effect is that the better we get to know a person, the more we realize they aren’t that great anymore.

    I guess one has to draw the line with plain braggarts and those who make comments with no regards to the feelings of others around them.

    • I’m taking to mean in your example, that showing is another way of “sharing”.

      Yes, we all want someone else to share our life with. We [or, at the very least, *I*] want someone to confide our deepest fears, insecurities, likes, loves, loathes and whatnot. I would personally love for my significant other to GROW with me, be it through age or emotionally.

      But that’s a sad fact isn’t it, the better we get to know a person as see his/her true colours, we find out that they are seriously flawed. And it is only then that we can accept these flaws and love them back.

      As for me, although I’m seriously flawed, I’m still hoping that somewhere, somehow, there’s someone who loves my flaws and accepts me for the little fucked-up package that I am, physically, emotionally and mentally. 🙂

      But that’s human nature, to always want and want and want and never to give and be selfless. Or are selfless beings just stupid vapid people who think they’re emotionally mature and doing it not for altruistic reasons but to fulfill the need to satisfy their Ego?

      • Great flaming balls of chastity, don’t you ever sleep? Or have you inherited my ability to sleep 4 hours a night?:P

  2. Freudian?

    Methinks most everyone is a egomaniac – doesn’t everyone love to receive some form of validation for their sad little lives, wants, needs, etc.

    Makes life, for what it’s worth, worth living, innit?

    Otherwise we are just a speck of dust in the universe … not worth mentioning, the ego can’t take that! Nooo!

    (i know for sure I am terribly full of myself! ;))

    • Apparently I am also pretty full of myself haha..

      I remember taking a quiz once to determine which of the 7 deadly sins I was. My result was Vanity. I was surprised. Apparently I take great stock in how others perceive me (never wanting to step on toes for, the fact that I’m different from average, etc.) despite not giving two hoots about my outward physical appearance.

      See.. I’m writing about myself here. I’m an egomaniac too!

      • pls la fooie, you totally give 100 hoots abt your outward physical appearance!

        who was the one moaning about not looking like sgp’s nsmen, omg, haha!

      • hahaha! perhaps, perhaps..

        *Imagines Carly Simon singing to me..*

        “You’re so vaiinn, you probably think this blog is about you.. You’re so vaiiinn..”

    • Well, I think if one is happy, one doesn’t need to validate how they live in order to feel alive.


      Everyone’s so full of themselves, or should I say, the world is becoming more voyeur. Just look at us, reading into other people’s blogs and bloggers detailing every part of their life.

      You guys are lucky I don’t start describing my period pains in great detail.

  3. You’re talkin’ about me me me me?
    (Except for the mean part)

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