Visa to enter the United States of America was approved today, 9th September 2009 at 9.45am.

This is my first step towards becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher.

Stay tuned.



p.s : 9 is a very significant number in Chinese as it sounds the same as “abundance”. Hence, 9 September 2009 [9-9-09], or “kau kau kau” in Cantonese means OODLES of abundance / fortune. Hence, lots of people are getting married today.

p.p.s : Someone said that today’s a good day to start something as it means prosperity / longevity in what you do. So.. does this mean that I’ll be applying for a US visa FOR LIFE? I wanna teach and live breathe eat sleep crap yoga!


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  1. It COULD mean you might be based in US later after your TT.. who knows? 😛 Fate works in strange ways..

    Wow.. if that happened, that would mean I might get free accommodation in Vegas if I ever visit there.. *continues dreaming*

    • It’d be nice if I did though! Though with 250 other teachers from the US, it’s gonna be tough!

      And you’re ALWAYS welcomed to come bunk at my place! Consider it a favour returned for putting me up / putting up with me during my stint in Singapore. 🙂

      Oh, just realised that Las Vegas Hilton is a “Star Trek” inspired place, all the deco looks rather star trek-ky! Come come visit me in December! I could do with some entertainment and cerebral talk other than yoga and how my skin is peeling off.

    • It was fated I guess! They only had 9th September open! 😀

      We Chinese LOVE numbers 8 and 9. 8 because it sounds like “fatt” or prosperity. Hence why most LOVE their mobile number / car regs to go 888 / 999 / 99888 or some other combo.

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