Since my Visa has been approved [WOOT WOOT! – and yes, they’re still discriminating against young, single Asian females], I’m now going into overdrive as to what to do.

Oh the amount of freelancing work I have to finish! Yes yes Hazel & Imm Ai *slog slog slog.

I am now trying to set up a… “mirror” blog if you will which will chronicle my preparation to TT, and possibly TT adventures! Though I have yet to use blogspot [ugh], I am very much sold on WordPress as it can keep track of stats and allows me to customise the blog with a twitter widget! Ya know, just in case I’m too zombified to type a coherent blog post, I think 140 characters x 2 tweets ought to describe my day just fine. For example : Tired. Sleepy. Wish I could ninja my way out of eagle like a hawk.

Or something equally corny, because I am such a corny writer with an even more lame sense of humour. Hah!

Ahem. Anyway. I thought I’d be able to RSS what I write on 2nd blog onto here [so you guys don’t have to click here and there, and also that would sorta muck up my stat counter], but it turns out you’re unable to.

Or maybe one is. I’m not quite sure. Thank you to Resident Geek for the lmgtfy link. *grind teeth.

I’m preeeeeeeeeeeeettty damn sure one’s able to do that though!

Next is a mobile plan. I seriously am not going to bring my Malaysian number there and get charged 4 arms and 9 legs for the roaming. No. I will get a mobile plan there.

What American carrier has great prepay / data plans? The only American cellphone carriers that I know of are AT&T and Verizon [again, much pop culture references here].And which of the 2 is less sucky?

I have a feeling someone’s gonna holler , “OH FOR GOD’S SAKE JUST GOOGLE IT” but you know, nothing beats human interaction!


p.s : I will be using a smartphone, and damnit, it still doesn’t have an app for blogging via wordpress. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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  1. Mei~ Check out the verizon prepay plans. I find them to have very good coverage here in Las Vegas. My company uses Verizon for all of our cellular communications: regular cell phones, blackberrys and cellular data modems in trucks.

  2. hahaha. i’m sorry to have caused so much sorrow to you but this is going to help your coffers, no? =D

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