15 Malaysia

While I work out some minor deets thanks to TT [what to pack, what airline to take, how to pay, will I die of starvation while I’m there?], I shall attempt to distract y’all with a few videos of 15Malaysia.

Below are a few of my favourite videos :

“Slovak Sling” – a hilarious guide to bribery. Just follow the subtitles if you can’t catch our heavily accented English 😉

“Chocolate” – the last ever short film by Yasmin Ahmad. In just 3 minutes she captured so many issues that are commonplace in Malaysia – racism, racial politics, family ties, money issues… take your pick!

“House” – This is so touching and the themes here not only apply to Malaysia, but for other indigenous peoples all around the world, especially in Argentina & Bolivia.Yasmin Ahmad makes a cameo in this movie – she’s the lady who sits next to Rama at the end 🙂

“Gerhana” (eclipse) – A take on apathy in Malaysia. And an excuse to hear Daphne Iking’s hot Sabah accent.

“Meter” – So. Fucking. Hilarious. Terribly embarrassed as the Malay guy [2nd passenger] spoke in PERFECT Mandarin. I, on the other hand, sound like a toad trying to speak it. And to think I’m stopping over in Taiwan for 10 hours. Haha!

No, that’s not ALL the movies. Go to the site and watch em all! I’m not gonna embed it all for you!

Hilarious song that’s so true. Let’s see, my exes have all added me to facebook. Oh except Joel. He knows that I’d click IGNORE even if he so much as THINK of adding me.


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  1. wah!! sumandak!

    daphne simply oozes sex appeal. and how does a badak like him get a girl like that?

    • Sayang, ini FILEM, bukan real life! Reel life, bukan real life!

      My favourite line is from “Meter” – Bontot sama kaler hitam!


      In saying that, if I can trace my lineage to Baba Nyonya, technically I’m Malay [veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyy diluted], so means saya pun jugak adak hak Melayu. Kan kan kan?

  2. Haha, agreed with Jun – Daphne Iking is smokin’ in Gerhana. Message was there, execution was poor. Tried to inject symbolism, but tak jadi..

    Meter took me completely by surprise haha.. WTF Khairy Jamaluddin! Fought with Jason Lo, got called crazy, and he gave Namewee a kris at the end (in response to the question What is Malaysia)! Talk about some controversial shit hahaha. Hilarious, but still hate Khairy’s guts though 😛

    Despite it being Yasmin Ahmad’s work, Chocolate didn’t quite work for me (rehash of the whole Sepet thing). ❤ Potong Saga (which you didn't include here). 🙂

    • Right with you. Tried to be so damn arty farty, but fail. Plus Daphne a bit kayu in the beginning. That and she could’ve worn something more skimpy.

      YES, KJ makes an appearance! A little over acting, but nevertheless, quite entertaining! Did you spot Amber Chia and the frog hopper? HAHAHA!

      I didn’t quite catch Chocolate the first time, but keep on watching it, by the 3rd or 4th viewing you’ll get it. 🙂 Potong Saga was too OTT. Mau potong ka? Saya kasi potong kau skarang! *snip snip!

  3. house was heavy. meter was pretty funny even if i don’t “get” it all. thank you for the distractions!

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