Airport Lessons

Been staying online, googling and searching and STALKING travel sites and airline sites for the BEST deal for KUL-LAS [that’s airline speak for Kuala Lumpur – Las Vegas].

EVA air (run by Taiwan) has a pretty good deal! Though my transit from LAX [that’s Los Angeles] to LAS is TEN freaking hours. Can’t imagine dragging my bags with me to the loo, and draping myself over my bags to protect them from theft. No, I am not going to fork out US$110 for a room, because I’m that much of a cheapskate. And THEN the whole shebang of getting a connecting flight [So far the best deal is Southwest, but I may be wrong…].

Air China (run by China) is also pretty freaking awesomely priced, but The Boyfriend, whose client is an airline corporation, declared that Air China is spotty and dodgy and insisted that I don’t take Air China *whimper [But BABY, I’m on a BUDGET. BARJET!]. Not to mention the route is pretty damn crappy – KUL – Beijing – San Fran [overnight transit] – Vegas. My GOD I will be so wasted and bent like a scallop when I arrive in Vegas onto Michelle’s doorstep [THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will name my first child regardless of gender after you!]

Korean Air has the route of all, KUL – Korea – LAS, barring a 13 hour stopover in Korea. [Is it time to start watching Korean dramas?]. The best part is that Korea has a rather awesome looking airport hotel that’s decently priced too. The drawback? It is RM800 [around US$300] more expensive than EVA air.

And I’m sure by now everyone of you know that I’ve got a rather sharp tongue / quick wit / lack of brain-tongue filter, so I’ve blurted out things straying in my head [that were supposed to STAY THERE] and getting looks of disgust, horror, or both. Or the occasional “What the HELL Mei!!”. OK, must control filter. So my well-travelled aunt and uncle were quick to tell me that “When at border control at the US, just answer, “Yes”, “No” and straightforward. Don’t need to elaborate so much. AND HOLD THAT TONGUE OF YOURS!”. They’re British, holding a British passport [plus my uncle is Caucasian!], so I was very surprised to learn that they were given a little heckling at border control.

Uncle Michael entertained us with a few gems that night, telling us how he was writing the speech for my cousin’s wedding, with his eldest daughter, Emily, saying, “Just use some adjectives to talk about Alex, dad! It’s EASY.” “Well, does ‘Wanker’ qualify as an adjective?”

Gotta love British humour.


p.s : I really can’t believe it. I’m closer to getting to Teacher Training. The universe really does let things fall gently in to place. All you gotta do is HAVE FAITH!


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  1. I know, I know, travel is STRESSFUL! And you won’t die of starvation while you are here, I promise, even if I have to drive down to the hilton on the weekend and shove food down your throat. tee hee. Facebook me your flight deets when you nail them down, I will come get you from the airport. I work/live very close and it’s no problemo!!

    • Noooooo! You will be doing enough by putting me up for a few days before TT! 😦 *blush

      A-ha, if you work/live veeerry close I’m pretty sure it’s also veeerrry easy for me to catch a cab there. 😛

      Will let you know! 🙂

      p.s : I promise not to arrive at like, 2am in the morning! LOL!

  2. I just got back from a trip with Air China – they did well. It wasn’t bad. I was in coach and it was as good as any other international carrier. That itinerary is pretty hardcore – through Beijing and then to SF. But I guess there are no directs from KUL to LAX or SFO. That would be ideal

    For those long ass stop overs you can stay the first class clubs of those airlines for 50 bucks. They have big chairs you can crash in and free things to eat and drink. Those aren’t bad. Those stopovers will go quick too. Do tortoise pose a few times then pass out.

    As a side note I was in KUL airport last year and it was incredible!

    Happy travels!!!!

    • Hey Waylon! Thanks for the tip, now The Boyfriend has 1 less reason to be worried about me 😀 There ARE direct flights from KUL – LAX (Via MAS), that’s the 2nd option I’m looking into. Currently it’s even stevens between Korean Air and MAS, korean air as it is direct [sorta!] to Vegas, and MAS cause it’s direct to LAX [though I just gotta purchase my connecting flight to LAS].

      I was hoping to tie a scarf around my bags to my fingers to deter theft, or just sprawl out onto my bags. I could even do a few backbends to get the sinovial fluids going and keep me awake! 😛

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