If you’re thinking this is out of a vampire movie ala True Blood [looooove the show], you’re so wrong.

That was me, in class.

It felt SUPER humid, or maybe it’s cause it was before the rain, and by Trikanasana I was dehydrating majorly. Ah, but to keep calm and breathe and concentrate on the dialogue took me TOO DAMN MUCH EFFORT that I let my mind slip away and started thinking about, among other things :

– How much foodstuff should I bring over?

– OH SHIT yoga mat! Bella and Edward kinda tore holes in mine, but I don’t care.

and the kicker :

– Can I laminate / bind my copy of the dialogue for free? 😀

Yes, I got my copy of the dialogue! WOO!!!!


Like I said, my mind wasn’t with me in class. I think it’s some form of coping mechanism that I’ve developed over the years – when the going gets tough, I start thinking of other things to distract myself [that’s why I’ve got so many imaginary friends…]. Naughty not-present-in-the-moment yogini. I guess it’s one of those days!

And because I was dehydrating so much so early on [I SWEAR the studio director is cranking up the humidity to prepare us for TT], I experienced my first ever body cramp. Thank the heavens it was in kapalbhati breathing, because I sure as hell wanted to kick my leg out turn the toes in and un-cramp it.

If I can cramp in my little home studio, oh God, I’d better be prepared physically for training. Electrolytes, here I come!


p.s :

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  1. I always have the hardest time with cramping in my lower extremities and was VERY nervous about how I would fare during training. But my aunt who is a massage therapist/nutritionist/holistic health guru hooked me up with the perfect mix of supplements. I did not cramp up once! And what was really cool was that during our nutrition lectures, it was confirmed that what I was taking was really all I needed to be taking. YAY ME! Here are the links to exactly what I took:
    (Calcium Lactate – 3 in the morning, 3 at night)
    (e-Poise – A general multi-vitamin. Good for women. 1 in the morning, 1 at night)
    (trace minerals – Started with 2/morning, 2/night, then was able to cut them down, unless I was feeling like I needed them)

    Just my 45 cents. Take it or leave it, but it was the PERFECT mix for me. Good luck!!

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