Instead of staying home and studying dialogue / knocking myself out with dandayama-bibhaktapada-janushirasana 40 thousand times, decided to attend KL’s biggest tweetup ever.

What’s a tweet-up?

Well, for my friends not on twitter, it’s actually a big huge gathering [meet up] where people network and you finally get to meet that avatar in person. Though I must admit, my avatar is pretty much outdated [I had longer hair back then]. And I was wearing make up and false lashes, so if you’re hoping for some hot chick @MeiNg when you attended tweet-up, I’m so sorry to disappoint. Yes, I couldn’t be arsed wearing face paint yesterday to cover up the pimple frat party that’s happening ON MY FACE.

Why did you go for the tweet-up?

Because I wanted to do my part for charity. Oh, and @justinecat and I were supposed to be each other’s dates and laugh at how poser-pretentious-ish some people can get. There were loads that night, but I had great fun laughing at them. And myself, as the Boyfriend went off networking and I was stuck talking to cupcakes and cups of beer.

What did you do there?

Network, got to meet HEAPS of cool people [the non poser-ish ones with their DSLRs clicking and camwhoring away]. When asked, “Oh, what do you do?”, I honestly did not know what to answer.

Am I a freelance copywriter? Or am I a “soon to be, going to be popped in the oven” Bikram Yoga Teacher? Decided to go with “Copywriter, but I’m going to be a Bikram Yoga teacher in 3 weeks’ time” 🙂

It was rather awesome cause I met @crabbicalamari :

“Hey, I remember you.”

“Er, you do?” I was thinking, “Are you FOR REAL, is this stranger going to chat me up IN FRONT of my boyfriend?!”

“Yes yes! Were you at True Fitness Bikram Yoga Posture Clinic, conducted by Rich, in Subang?”

“YES, but I don’t remember you!”

“Yeah, I was the guy who couldn’t wrap his arms in Eagle…*demo”

“… I still don’t remember you!” [blushes and hides under table]

Wow. It has been 6 months since that posture clinic and this guy still remembers me! And I had longer hair back then! Wow. Really need to start fixing the holes in my screw-loose mind.Here’s hoping Alan will come back to the hot room soon to take a class by yours truly 😉

Ok, enough of the trivial stuff. We want the goss!

Hah! Apart from the fact that I was severely underdressed in a potato sack dress, there is no scandal to report of.

Though… I must say :


NZ Natural ice cream’s my FAVE ice cream in the whole whole wide world! Not only because it’s from New Zealand, but also cause it’s oh so rich, oh so smooth. And they have HOKEY POKEY! And COOKIES AND CREAM! And … And… And…

When my ticket number was called out, I was screaming like a kid and jumping/hopping like a squirrel [according to my Boyfriend, who was seated 2-3 tables away from where I was] all the way up to the stage. Poor Alan. I just met the guy and he’s witness to my crazy antics.And he works for a rather prestigious publication too. Argh!

A few of the people I walked past on the way back to my table said, “Take a before photo, and an AFTER photo 1 year later!”. Tossed my head, looked at them and said, “I do Bikram Yoga, so no, I won’t gain weight! Perhaps if you took a class with me you’d lose the flab on your stomach!”.

Jerks. Huff!. *tosses short pixie hair.

Since the event IS afterall, a charity event to raise funds for Destiny Starting Point [a halfway home that rehabilitates troubled young men], there was an auction held. Among the items on bid were moleskines, pokens [I stil don’t understand the fuss about these newfangled gizmo things] and… a limited edition Nike waffle jumper.




Nike Waffle Jumper

Nike Waffle Jumper



But sadly, the bid went up to RM250, way more than I can afford. I really really really really loved it though! Stopped at RM160 and decided not to engage in anymore bidding, lest I end up horrendously broke before BKTT.

Since @moonstarlady was my last minute make-up date [HUMPH JUSTINE!], decided to play a little trick on her and helped her RAISE her hand on one of the moleskine bids. Hah! She was visibly mortified and shocked “It’s for charity dear!” I told her that NO ONE countered her bid of RM170 for a moleskine. Thankfully, someone did, and she heaved a sigh of relief that she was not going to spend money that night. Lesson to everyone out there : Don’t let Mei hold your hand, and keep your hands to yourselves damnit if you don’t want to get hurt.

Special thanks to all sponsors and organisers. You can’t go wrong with beer, hotdogs and cupcakes!

We raised OVER RM10,000 for Destiny Starting Point. Great job everyone!


p.s : Wow, I suddenly have a HUGE number of people following me on twitter. Here’s hoping they stay tuned through my boring-as tweets. And another to bringing Bikram Yoga to the masses in Malaysia 🙂

p.p.s : I was actually thinking of writing a white paper about social networking and Bikram Yoga couple of months back, but I didn’t have the time [or rather, lacked the initiative / drive] as I think it’s so fucking awesome how Bikram Yoga is a great example of Social Media and Web 2.0 at work.


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  1. don’t kill meeeeee


    *kowtow* i buy you coffee?

  2. How many times did you tweet, or catch someone else tweeting, during the tweet-up?

    • Shh. I tweeted 4-5 times. Others were tweeting as well! It was quite a sight, spotting people with the @ and then stealthily following em.

      There was a huge screen to display live tweets but unfortunately, we couldn’t read anything as the resolution was incorrect. 😦

  3. Congrats on winning the ice-cream ~

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