so much things to do.

so little time.

why does freelancing work come in oh so last minute?

but I need the money, so I will STFU.

why do my cats and dogs insist on nibbling on my shoes or the roll of toilet paper? [Had a nasty surprise to find that Edward kindly minced and shredded my roll of toilet paper AFTER I did I took a dump. Grr!]

Oh and a quick one : Had a heart attack when I got my confirmed itinerary from Korean Air.

Supposed to ONLY have paid Singapore Dollar (SGD)1962.

Itinerary came in [with required adulation / congratulations], stating that I paid SGD2669 for my ticket.

What in the fuck. That’s almost a thousand SGD difference. Or TWO thousand Ringgit difference! [Around US$800].

Tried calling Korean Air’s hq in Singapore but got an automated drone. Hit one random language button and got transferred to a call centre operator in CHINA who could NOT speak English.


My ancestors must be rolling in their graves right now.



Posted on September 15, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Ouch.. that’s a pretty hugeass mistake. Hope it’s not on your part…

  2. Oh it got rectified. Checked the receipt, it said the amount paid was indeed, Sing $1962. oopsy. Hehe!

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