My internet is out of order as we’re doing renovation at home, namely polishing the parquet floor. Hence, everything upstairs has been moved downstairs and my house is a downright mess!

Hopefully everything’s back to order by this weekend.

Practice has also been affected, after a day of watching the painters/workers like a hawk [caw caw rawr!], I am SO DEAD by the time evening rolls by that I can barely drag myself to class. That and I can’t find my freaking costume / towel amidst the mess I call “The Bermuda Triangle of USJ5”.

That said, my productivity is sorta up.


I WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOO. But unfortunately I will be departing the USA on 17th and thedancingj and I have mei-hem plans of an epic porportion.

Sigh. Advanced seminar. I wanna go! *whine.


p.s : I now have every reason to suspect that they’ll give us US$10 lunch vouchers to eat. WHAT THE HELL. I don’t wanna waste time and go out to look for food! 😦 😦 😦

p.p.s : I know I said I’ll never gain weight from all the yoga, but after eating out and stuffing my gob AND in a ridiculous amount of sweets and raya puddings NOT PRACTICING REGULARLY, I am starting to develop a rather formidable paunch.


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  1. Yea, I saw about that seminar! But dude – it’s 2 weeks long this time, and it doesn’t end til right before Christmas. After 9 weeks of ass-kicking, I highly suspect that you wouldn’t be thrilled about staying for 2 weeks more! One of my friends who was at the last TT stayed for advanced seminar with me, and even though we had a great time, she was SERIOUSLY ready to get the fuck OUT of there!! Haha. Tourism will be more fun.

    p.s. I think the restaurants are all in the hotel?

    • I reckon! I think I’d be yoga’d out by the time TT is over. Haha!

      That and “If I see the Hilton one more time I may just vomit blood all over the carpet”.

      Oh yes, i suspect the vouchers will be for hilton restaurants, but it’ll be the walking and waiting for food, instead of just a big ass buffet where I can stuff my gob and glean over dialogue.

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