Who’s there?

-Iz me.

Iz me, who?

– Iz me, Mei. Iz kam to leech teh interwebz off you. HA!


Yeah, still no inturwebz at mine cause we can’t move the furniture back up till Thursday so I popped over to my cousin’s for a bit while my CPU lounges downstairs in the kitchen.

That said, I think I’m getting intoxicated from the smell of lacquer, paint and whatnot floating around the house.

My mum’s so cute. Told her I’ll be bunking with Michelle aka bikramyogachick [sorry I can’t link, it’s quickpress and I’ve dumped out html codes in favour of kicking and stretching should be simultaneous 50-50…]. This was her reaction :

“How did you meet her?”
– Teh interwebz! [yes, I speak in lolspeak sometimes. Not good for grammar, as I spotted a few lolspeak in my copysheet!]
“… you met someone online and you’re staying with them?!”
– Yez
“… siao ah! [crazy!]. Who is this? How old is she?”
– …..mum. I think she has more to fear from me bunking at her place. I may very well terrorise her family into doing awkward pose 20 times a day.
“She will sell you to a vice ring!”
– I don’t think American men have a fetish for flat-chested Asian girls.
“….. ”


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  1. Mei~ OMG I’m so cracking up because I can picture the look of absolute mortification on your poor mom’s face. She’s very welcome to call me up (I shot you my number via facebook, right?). I can assure her that I’m a “real” person 🙂
    I ran into the same looks of disbelief from others. My response was “well I know she’s real because we are friends on facebook”.
    **Now I’m cracking up, holding my sides, falling out of my chair**

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