Does Anyone Know…

… how long does it take to clear US immigation?

Will be arriving 0950 at Los Angeles via Korean Air. Need to book a connecting flight to VEGAS, BABY.

Dad said it’ll take 4hours to clear US immigration, “Possibly longer cause you’re a lone, single Asian female traveller carrying tablets and powder [electrolytes].”


Any idea?

Thanks a million in advance! 🙂


p.s : argh. sleep.


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  1. usually when we book our passengers, they’d want at least 1.5 hours in betwen flights coz they said clearing customs and immigration in lax is totally suck balls! i’d say because you’ll be travelling with all that powder-y substance and etc, plus you’re on malaysian passport, might be better to gave at least 2 hours. and then another 45mins to 1 hour to check in for your las flight. so make that 3 hours. better be safe than sorry!

    • Thanks for your help Amy! 🙂

      Wow, ok, 3-4 hours it is.

      Inappropriate joke, but I can imagine myself making a dry joke at immigration that’ll get me in trouble… “Yeah, I’m from a Muslim country, and I’m gonna blow all of us up with my electrolytes”.



      • rofl you’ll probably get pulled into a room under constant surveillance and then they’ll do a FULL body search on you. way to make an entrance into the country!!!

      • I was about to say “mmm men in uniform” but thought better. Haha!

        Either that, or get deported on the first plane to Guantanamo Bay.

        Or back home where I’ll be placed under ISA [internal security act] detention.

        OK, STFU-ing in 3,2,1…

  2. it sounds like your papers are in order. i would wager that you get through in under an hour – probably under a half an hour. i have traveled all over – into and out of malaysia and indonesia – even in moscow, belgrade, you name it. it never takes that long.

    but amy is right – better safe than sorry so i would book the l.v. flight with a nice 3-4 pad from landing in lax.

    just remember – when you get in line – keep your spine strait, hips and shoulders forward – keep breathing and you’ll be through with that shit before you know it!!!

  3. Most of the time it takes an 1/2 to 1 hr to get the baggage and clear immigration & customs. The problem with LAX is you probably are taking all your luggage out and rechecking in for Vegas. Now imagine dragging all that from the International terminal to the domestic terminal which is at least 1/2 km away – walk or take a shuttle outside the terminal if there is one – you may want to check on this so you are prepared – at least mentally.

    Have fun in Vegas

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