Even Geeks Have Social Lives

If I’m not mucking at home after Yoga, I’m at home trying to :

– muck around the css of Yogameiniac [and killed a kitty in the process]

– pack my bag to Vegas

– Unpack the boxes of stuff from house renovation and shove it into my closet. Or luggage.

all at the same time. Eek!

So I basically killed the CSS on my blog [sigh]. Searched my contact list and there were NO GEEKS online! Ack!

Till finally, one showed up. *grovels on floor

[21:40] FoOie: You WHAT?
[21:40] (@) Mei*: fret not, i killed a kitten on my blog
[21:41] (@) Mei*: in other words, the css and widget-ry is squeezing me dry
[21:41] (@) Mei*: fuck, no geeks are online so i can bother them.
[21:41] FoOie: Oh okay.. Haha I guess u wouldn’t be so calm if u really did kill a kitten
[21:41] (@) Mei*: even geeks have a social life. *stabs self
[21:41] (@) Mei*: if i did i’d be sobbing i think
[21:42] (@) Mei*: so uh, don’t think you’d want to help me while you’re on mobile web
[21:42] FoOie: What social life lol. I’m heading home on a fri night, lugging a 4kg boardgame with me
[21:42] (@) Mei*: but you bought something
[21:42] FoOie: I can’t help much on mobile web
[21:42] (@) Mei*: i sat in front of the computer figuring out how i killed kitty and at the same time trying to shove clothes into my luggage
[21:42] (@) Mei*: yeah so no sweat ;)
[21:43] FoOie: Which u do all the time
[21:43] (@) Mei*: … no.
[21:43] (@) Mei*: that is a lie.
[21:43] (@) Mei*: *obama voice* that is not true.

Sigh. You know you’re in trouble when even the resident wordpress geek says that I spend all my Fridays doing geeky / yoga-dorky stuff. I swear I’m 24 going on to 42.

Now excuse me while I muck around the CSS one more time before I squeeze Edward kitty till his eyes pop out.



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