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OK, seriously, updating TWO blogs is sapping a heap of energy from me. Topping it off with dialogue memorisation and cleaning my room AND packing for #bktt.

“Turn your head in , mouth on the floor…”

Starting September 30th [or today even!], do visit my Teacher Training blog, courtesy of McKinley! 🙂



YAY! My dialogue! Gotta go get it laminated and what not. The copy my studio director gave me kinda looks like wet socks. Or salted vegetables. Or salted vegetables stuffed into wet socks.

My newly coloured room

My newly coloured room

Ahhh! It’s PINK! A nice, lovely, shade of pale pink with purple-y undertones. Excuse the pink duvet peeking through the bottom. And excuse the mess on my vanity table.  I just wanted to show my new room colour off. HEHEHE!

It’s SO PINK, it’s little wonder I don’t bring guys home. They may very well go flaccid at the sight of pinkness and My Little Ponies on my dresser. Yeah. That and I hate sleeping with the AC on, unless it’s ridiculously HOT. And my mum will kill me even IF I do!

Sweat Tops

Sweat Tops

My 2 lovely sweat tops, courtesy of McKinley! If you haven’t gotten an uber sweat tank top / t-shirt yet, oooooooooh, you have NO clue what you’re missing!

Yeah, those are the clothes I’m aiming to pack to Vegas. My mum says 3 pairs of jeans is excessive and I quote :

Lu siao ah [ARE YOU CRAZY?!], bring so many pairs of jeans FOR WHAT!”

“But maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam” *whine

And yes, I have “Cow jumps over the moon” jammies. Shush. I don’t think my roommate will be pleased if I walked around half naked.

For obvious reasons, I can’t sleep on my bed as it’s all taken up by clothes, so I’ve decided to join the cats downstairs and sleep on the couch, much to Edward kitty’s delight and Bella’s horror [she can’t do naughty things like drink from our water filter / scratch the sofa as I’ll lop a pillow at her]


As you can tell, I’m so deathly tired I can’t even string a coherent sentence to save my socks. *z


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  1. you got the dialogue ~ that is so cool!

  2. so… pink.


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