We Pause For A Funraiser

No, I did not commit critical copy / spelling error. Thanks for noticing though! 😉

Remember your student days?

If, you were a poor starving student such as yours truly, I’m sure you remember the days of eating NZ$2 pies in the quad, instant noodles [mmmm], cheap coffee, 4packs of Red Bull / V [so you can save $2]… and when the day comes for WINZ to deposit money into your account, you fist-pump and go YUZZAH! [I didn’t get WINZ 😦 ] And must I add, nudge nudge,  walking 3km to town just to get cheap food?! No? Oh, maybe it was just me, el cheapo student.

Yes, life was tough for me as a student. Add on a part-time job waitressing / selling shoes [my last year], studies, dissertations, assignments, 4000-5000 word essays in Spanish, random illnesses thrown in the mix… it was very stressful indeed.

Now that I am on my way to become a Bikram Yoga teacher, I shall first endure the rigours and suffering that comes with Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. 2 classes a day, every day, 9 weeks. Sleep deprivation. All in the beautiful city of Las Vegas!

M of ilovesweat has rather genious-ly [I know it’s not a right word, but bear with me] come up with the idea to help lessen the financial burden placed upon me while I attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.

ilovesweat and Yogameiniac proudly present…


Model not included. And NO, you cannot have the sweaty man with tattoo’d arms [I think that’s sweat himself modelling it]

For a limited time only! Mei-grey tops with an original dandayama-dhanurasana print by sweat himself!

Each top is specially screened to order [so you’ll be receiving a very unique top, unlike a mass produced Guess top] with maximum love and positive energy and comes with its very own hangtag of authenticity. SWEET! [or, SWEAT!]

Mei-grey tops will ONLY be available while I am at torture camp bootcamp [Oct4th – Dec 6th], so come on down to ilovesweat.com to purchase your limited edition tops! Not only will you be rocking an awesome top post/pre/before class, you will be helping TWO yogis at the same time. How awesome is that?!

Now go forth and rock it out in the hot room with the coolest tank tops 😉



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