Turning Humour Off


Just realised that I *may* have to tone my sense of humour / outspoken behaviour down a notch [or 5] when I get to Las Vegas to avoid pissing people off. Especially since everyone’s going to be moody / cranky from all that sleep and sex deprivation. I can be the bitch from hell when hungry and sleep deprived. Either that or I will burst into song spontaneously / laugh non-stop for no apparent reason. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

No one, except family and friends, seem to understand my dry / sarcastic / morbid sense of humour. Example in point :

Q [as posted on Facebook wall of Bikram Yoga Fall 2009 Training group] :

Why are they building 3 tents in the Hilton?

M* : Oh, 1’s for the hot room, 1’s the lecture room, and the other one’s to dump all our dead bodies in after they’re done.


Nobody took too kindly to that. Everyone was so serious and talking about the whole debacle / business of gettingΒ  wifi in the room / fridges in the room.

Sheesh. I’m starting to think this batch of trainees are too yoga-serious, or my sense of humour is questionable. πŸ˜›


p.s : If all else fails, I’ll start talking like a Jamaican and claim that English is my 3rd language, right after Klingon and Cthulhu.


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  1. Gosh, I feel like I’m so behind on your life! Time is going so fast and you will be out here so soon!!

    Do NOT let go of that sense of humor. It will save your LIFE! πŸ™‚ I’m sure there will be plenty of people who appreciate it, and for the others… well, it’ll be good for them. And that comment is a very “Bikram” thing to say anyways. Better way to spend time than stressing over fridges – I feel like every single session, there’s some HUGE drama over fridges before it starts, but no one has starved yet?

    I ordered my tank top by the way! I was, in fact, the FIRST person to order one.

    • Wowee, thank you! We MUST take a picture of ourselves rocking out the tops in a standing bow [yours is prettier though πŸ˜€ ]

      Oh don’t apologise! You didn’t miss much [other than the fact that I *still* am trying to fit everything in but the kitchen sink :p ]

      Sheesh, I tell ya, the chatter that’s going on the FB wall makes me want to cry. Isn’t there anyone else who wants to get out of the yoga bubble during the weekend?! Or are they so afraid that a midget Malaysian girl will extort them for cash?!

      Be afraid J. Be very afraid. I may hop on your back and do 50 standing bows while you’re sleeping.

  2. =D

    at least get to know the ppl first la. and let them get to know you. then slowly ease in the real mei. LOL

    some of my friends were mortified when you cursed some ppl with “syphilis in his nose etc etc”

  3. I promise you can be as funny, snarky and sarcastic as you want at my house! I **get** your brand of crazy. :)=
    Don’t forget to tell me what DAY you are arriving here!

  4. Oh come on πŸ™‚ You don’t have to make EVERYONE like you.. only those who GET you πŸ™‚

    After all, it’s about time you get used to it – consider it part of teacher training (students are bound to talk behind teachers’ backs anyway :P)

    • Not trying to get EVERYONE to like me, but since we’ll be placed in groups for posture clinics, it’d be hard mixing around if people don’t ‘get’ me.

      HAHAHA, yes. I’m sure when you take a class from me you’d bitch to the high heavens to all friends about what a sadistic mistress [and hopefully, very hot and sexy] teacher I am. πŸ˜›

  5. I think there are lots of Bikram people who take themselves too seriously! Just have fun and look for a few like-minded individuals. There have to be some fun people there, right?

    • Exactly! Everyone’s so “oh, so serious. Must be perfect”.

      As I say, “cool as a cucumber, chill the fcuk out. It’s ONLY yoga!”

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