Oh spank me, I did a title in all caps again.

Gee, I seem to be loaded with innuendo these past few days.

I will be competing in Malaysia’s first asana championship, 8-9 January 2010.

Initially thought I won’t be able to compete as I’ll be gallivanting around the states [HELLO J AND MICHELLE! *waves like a maniac], but Jakob said, “Nuh uh. We’re doing it on the 8 and 9th”

Me : 😯



Here’s hoping that I my body won’t be a fantastic wreck after training because oh-HOT DAMN, one advanced class can really take me out like someone sucker-punched me in the nose [nobody wants to talk to me after advanced cause I babble about ponies and then remain quiet, pretty much like someone fed me a 1/4 pound of marijuana Not that I’ve had that much in my body…]

I think that’s enough excitement my little heart can take. That and I’ve got TONNES of freelance work to do See, I’m NOT procrastinating.


p.s : Of course you won’t die during yoga class. Even if you do, True Fitness Malaysia offers you a 2-year FREE membership in the event that you do [end sarcasm].

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  1. Oh my goodness! All of this capitalization! All these exclamation points! You got my heart all a racing!!

    Very exciting news all around. I love that we’re sharing it with you, in each of our small corners of the world. 🙂

  2. Hooray!! We must work on your routine when you come visit… I probably can’t compete this year, but I would love to be your evil coach for a few days… MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Sure! Just start taking a class everyday starting today 😉

  4. Ah ha! So now when you practice dialog on me and keep me in second part of awkward to long **quivering shaking legs** I will then turn around and make you do your routine six times for the pleasure of my sadistic cat! He’s a very rough judge! Bahahahaha!!!!
    Seriously though…congrats! You are going to be a-mei-zing!!!!

  5. Thank you! Is there advanced offered at your studio? Would love to take advanced with everyone!

    oh no! I shall attempt to bribe Trickster with cuddles and bellyrubs and kitty squeezes. That ought to do it!

  6. Advanced is done at the Green Valley studio. I will look into it for you! Maybe you can catch it after TT while we are gearing up for our road trip to see J!
    No bribing the judge! He loves cuddles and rubs! He is a pushover!

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