Race Relations in Malaysia

So eloquent, so simply, so true.

Why can’t our politicians think like this young lady instead of pandering to some unknown phobia?



Posted on September 24, 2009, in Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. eh babeh!!

    spot on!!! u r what u r not u r what u race are…..i like that & thank you for posting that!!!
    i personally have many great issues in regards of that…it’s a shame not being able to live in my own country.

    • You heard they’re doing away the “race” in official forms?

      When I took PMR [badak, so long ago!] – it had… RACE, RELIGION. WTF!

  2. universities are slowly practicing it. i see in resumes most students are not bothered to put what race they are but just religion. This is so I know they dont eat pork or beef.

    • But so what if you don’t pork, beef, cat, mouse? Should you discriminate based on religion then?

      I never did bothered to put race [I think it’s pretty fucking obvious from my name what race I am anyway!] or religion as I reckon who / what I pray to isn’t a criteria to be selected for the job.

      In saying that, had to fill out some pre-interview form that asked, among other things – what my parents work as, my race, religion, etc.

      Mind you I wasn’t applying for position of MD / secret agent, but as a mere copywriter. WTF!

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