2010 Yoga Asana Championship

Apologies for the lack of updates!

Been busy teaching, studying dialogue [yes, still!], and spending time with my cats and googies.

So the most important update so far is… I LOVE TEACHING! Except for the times when I lose my voice, or my body explodes in a series of rashes [like today… which means I had a hard time figuring out my wardrobe or trying not to scratch / rub myself against a wall to relieve itching].

In more disappointing updates, I will NOT be competing in the 2010 Yoga Asana Championships due to monetary constraints. Alas, I have bills to pay, loans to pay off [COUGH!], more bills to pay. Added on to the fact that I want to concentrate on teaching for the next 3-6 months and be the best that I can be.


ON HINDSIGHT THOUGH – even though I may not be competing, I totally locked my right knee out and did the standing splits! Woot!

Then I promptly fell out and nearly crash landed into the mirror. *cringe.

But who cares about how high I kick or how far back I go? What matters is MY FORM! Precision, alignment, INTENSITY!!!!

And with that, I go back to my daily dose of living.


p.s : BIKRAM101 DAY CHALLENGE! SO TOTALLY ON! Now to stock up on Baking Soda ..wee!


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  1. Precision, FREQUENCY, intensity! That means… do it AGAIN!! Heehee. I ❤ Emmy. But hooray for locking out!! I remember the first time I legitimately did that in class. It was on a New Year's Day! I was pretty pleased with myself. But ya, holding it is super tricky.


  2. There is always next year to compete! I’m SOOOO loving that you locked out in standing bow. **bows with respect**

  3. i’m heading to malaysia soon and am checking out bikram yoga studios and came across your blog! thanks. just curious — do you have to pay to compete in the malaysian championships? or is this the world championships you were talking about?

    • Hi there! When will you be coming to Malaysia? This is exciting news, would love to see you!

      Well, Malaysia doesn’t have a competition. Nearest countries that organize asana competitions are Thailand and Singapore. As far as I know, yes you have to pay to enter the
      regionals in Singapore but competitors were awarded a spa voucher worth more than the entry fee itself 🙂

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