Teaching HIGHlights

I must admit, while standing up on a podium 3feet above ground, I can see everything. EVERYTHING. Like literally, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

I suddenly feel so powerful and awesome, all 160cm of me. AHA, this person is not aligned! AHA, he is not sitting down low enough. AHA, you are twisting your neck!

Here are some hilarious highlights that have happened to me in over the course of teaching …

– Power tripped, leaving my 730am class in uber darkness. Have you ever tried teaching in the dark? It’s really fun! In fact, someone could’ve left the class and I wouldn’t be any wiser. This where I have to say – DIALOGUE SAVES YOUR ASS. So I went to the back of the room to fiddle with the lights and power switch, all while reciting 2nd part Awkward and 3rd part. After class mum told me I forgot to make them BOUNCE for second set. The lights came back on in Triangle, with people coming in and out to try and fix it. Dialoge. Saves. Your. Ass. Remember that, future teacher trainees!

– Falling off the podium. Twice. While teaching. In my defence, the podium is coloured the same as the mat, and I was trying to get a closer look at a beginner. But whatever, I fell off the podium. To add insult to injury, my boss was taking my class, hopefully he didn’t see me slip off and try to get back on and slipping again. *blush.

– Students trying to talk to me when teaching. They motion it’s HOT [its Bikram HOT yoga, whaddaya think it’d be – cool and breezy?]

Now that I’ve come out of the closet cocoon that is TT, I am having post TT symptom/depression. But I now know that I’m back in the real world after I [accidentally] muttered “Fucking idiot” to myself while driving.

Not to mention – my stomach’s being all wonky and generally BLERGY post TT. I have discovered that eating meat / dairy / overly processed food [pickled vegetables!] will see me scurrying for the toilet and er, marking my butt print on the toilet seat. That and I feel severely nauseas after indulging in deep-fried food!

Oh well, here’s to healthier eating!


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  1. “Its so hot!”

    haha thats when you should come up with lines like:

    “I know right? Dont you just love it?”

  2. “DIALOGUE SAVES.” That should be on a bumper sticker or t-shirt or something.

    This reminds me! I have a great quote for graduated teacher trainees (courtesy of the New England crew, specifically Teri): “SEE YOU IN THE BACK ROW, DIALOGUE DORK.” I am in love with this and kept trying to say it, but they said that I can’t use it yet, because first they have to see me in the FRONT row!!

    I would’ve paid good money to see you fall off the podium while trying to climb back on it. Ha ha! “She’s nervous, but on the surface she looks calm and ready…”

    • YES – should so totally make that a bumper sticker! I always practice at the front in my home studio though… will tell you why over FB chat!!

      Shut up. I knew you would! HAHAHA my roommate saw me fall off and try to get back on, haha!

      “something something so loud OVER”

  3. Why is it that I can totally picture you falling off the podium? 🙂
    I miss you!!!

  4. lol… keep ’em blogs coming mei 🙂

    hm.. that must be a good thing that you’re so healthy now.. though, ermm.. die lor.. next time i go back hahaha.. no more pork mee with extra “goreng bits”? you can still bring me right ? ^.^ 😛

  5. 😦
    what happened to my comment?
    it disappeared

  6. Mei! How did you fall down again? How could no one notice?

    • slipped off… tried to get back on and slipped off.

      No one knew cause they were lying down. Actually, my friend saw me. HAHAHAHA

  7. Meiiiiiiii…..those food also actually sends me to the loo as well 😉 haha. I love the idea of Bikram but am so suprise it’s a new thing! Gosh…didn’t realise how fast it became a hit.

    So glad you’re blogging again! Keep it going ya you’ve got great support specially from me. Wish I could sponsor you to compete too babes.


    • It has actually been around for 40years, relatively new in Malaysia though! 🙂

      Glad you liked it! I know there’s a studio in SoHo 🙂

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