The Great Big NOTHING

thedancingj has politely requested [a few times] over Facebook for me to update my blog lest everyone forgets that I exist [and am alive] and be condemned to the murky depths of purgatory.

OK, she didn’t say that, but she did ask me to update!

Aside from committing to the Bikram101 Day Challenge [I’ve missed 2 days… which I will make up with a double!], I am also scheduled to teach 10-11 classes fulltime starting next week. Whopee! Unfortunately this also means that I have to curtail my love for spicy food as my throat / voicebox gets all funky after that, especially if I have to teach 2 classes back to back!

Teaching so far is a GREAT experience. The simplest things make me happy. The weirdest things also get me upset and frustrated. For example – someone not realising that Yoga isn’t necessarily about flexibility. Neither it is about religion! [Again, I tell people – if a few relatively simple movements is enough to make you convert from a monotheistic to an apparent tree/idol worship, you were not very strong in your faith to begin with! Nor is it about the principal that Yoga = RELIGION]. Happy things is when a student sees me outside class and begins to initiate conversation that have NOTHING to do with Yoga. A lady who was at the studio asking about the benefits of Yoga came up to me outside a coffee shop to wish me Happy New Year – and that really made my day!

Teaching is also incredibly DRAINING. It is incredibly HOT up the podium [no more falling episodes, I’ve learnt how to stay ON the podium], two studios don’t have a mic and although I come from a loud family [we love screaming up and down the hallway – I blame it on my hard-of-hearing ears!], by the second class I sound like a boy undergoing puberty.

WARDROBE! I guess I don’t have to wear corporate-y anymore [never have in the first place!], but this means that on days I feel lazy and not want to epilate my legs / underarms, I can’t exactly stroll to class and teach with fuzzy legs and a bear-rug living on my pits. Everyone will be horribly disgusted and die a horrendous death with foam coming from their eyes.

WEIGHT! I gained 6kg post #bktt, CAN YOU BELIEVE? I feel like a rather obese pregnant beached whale waddling the streets of KL. Apparently girls gain weight at TT, and then lose it easily after that. Really? Well I still have muffin tops that rival that of Jessica Simpson.

I am not too sure, after #bktt I’ve found I’m much more…CALM and zen and able to approach things from a different manner. But I guess that’s after 9 weeks of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing! 😀

OK, gotta run. Need 8 hours’ of sleep today as I’m sick. Lymph nodes are swollen – indicating that my body’s fighting off an infection of sort. HA!


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  1. Aww thanks babe. Nice new template, too. You guys don’t have a mic?!? Ouch, poor throat. Take care. But YAY and CONGRATS for getting the full-time class schedule! Super awesome.

    • Only one studio does 😦 *CRY
      And 2 studios are about nearly double the size of that of Santa Barbara… though thank carpet cleaners that we don’t get a class of 70. Or I’ll really have to SHOUT!!!!!!!!!

      Whee – free templates FTW! 😀

  2. WOW you’re a teacher now??! CONGRATS!!! when did you get certified?? that’s awesome!

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