Wanted to do another mental chatter post [this time from TT – my very first mental breakdown – woo hoo! *dry sarcasm] but just HAD to blog this because it’s been very… strange.

So lately I’ve been out of the blogging scene as I’m busy with teaching, practicing, teaching, reading dialogue, teaching, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, eating, trying not to get dehydrated – oh, did I mention teaching? 😀

In addition to that, throw in personal drama, more personal drama and the fact that I have to sit down, evaluate, rethink realistically, emotionally, spiritually all about the dramas! [which is WHY I need my yoga so badly – 90 minutes in my LIFE where I can quiet the chatter and just be…]

Sign 1 :

While driving on the way to the studio, I was thinking of a very good friend of mine. My best male friend of 11 years [or more? Totally forgot!] whom I absolutely adore / love to death as a friend who was also going through some.. erh.. emotional crises of his own.

Doo doo doo, driving down, making my merry way down to the studio, when an ad came on for trips to where he’s at! STOP PRESS, HOLD CAR – nearly died of shock at the red light.

Hmm, does this mean that I ought to visit? Oh universe, stop toying with me and just drop a brick that says YES or NO on my head and be done with it.

Sign 2 :

While pondering the fate of my beloved country [with all the recent religious spates … obviously orchestrated by some higher power as a means to something. People of Malaysia! WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER MAY 13! DO WE NEED TO SENSELESSLY KILL EACH OTHER TO REBUILD A NATION?]

That being sad, as I was driving along Federal Highway back home after an EXHAUSTING / dehydrating class with Jakob and pondering about the sad state of affairs in Malaysia [first the extremists bomb churches – then they bomb a Sikh temple – now some twit has left a wild boar’s head in a mosque]

Suddenly a van pulled into my lane, or rather, I pulled behind the van. [again, this is why you do not fuck with hydration, you can’t tell jack from squat]. As I looked closer, the van’s credentials listed it as being from Persatuan Brahma Kumari Raja Yoga [ Brahma Kumari Raja Yoga Organisation].

Interesting, I thought to myself. Raja Yoga, as some of you may know, is one of the many limbs of Yoga that exists, alongside Hatha [physical] Yoga.

Hurriedly, I arrived home and started to Google [wee!] what this organisation is all about.

In a nutshell – it’s all about spirituality and brotherhood, no schisms, no doctrine – just love.

Maybe that’s what the world today needs – more love. And more yoga.



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  1. Why would you need a brick to tell you what the sign is already probably telling you? LOL.

    • What exactly is the sign telling me?

      You know me, sometimes I want things explicitly said. In black and white. Old habit from uni days…

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