Crackling and Snapping

That odd sound is that of my hips popping out of its socket whenever I do something that involves the hips, like walking, scooching my butt back into bed or climbing up the stairs.

Yes folks, my hips are pretty misaligned all thanks to lumbar scoliosis.

But fret not, I am working on aligning it [to my misery] and being careful not to aggravate my sciatic nerve.

Interestingly enough, Jon Burras, the fascia guy, says that the fascia in the hip holds the most emotions / hurt. Little wonder why some days I want to weep and cry in class NOT because of the pain, but because I, no idea why [actually I *think* do know, but it’s personal] . Coupled with the fact that I’m going through a process of detachment makes it even more challenging! And I obviously can’t CRY and SOB my eyes out in class because… I’m practicing with my students.

Ah, enough sad sob stories about my hips and the internal going-ons of my life. So totally not like Me(i).



Posted on February 10, 2010, in Perso-mei-lly. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Well if you do in fact sob, cry, bawl in class you can always pretend it’s just sweat dripping down your face. 🙂

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