Having vs Losing

A favourite saying of Boss [as in Bikram, versus studio manager, boss] during training was “You have nothing to lose… when you had nothing to begin with!”.

What DOES it really mean – “having nothing to begin with”? Does it mean to abandon all hope that

– I’m “born” with a stiff body and I could never do a [beautiful] backbend

– When I die I most certainly can’t bring my material possessions with me to the afterlife

Well, yes and yes. The last one being obvious, IMHO.

Boss’ little saying reminds me of a story I read in Joy Luck Club yonks ago : The girl was crying bitterly when her mother refused to buy her a walkman. “Why are you crying for the walkman, child? Why are you crying for something you haven’t even lost?” asked the mother.

Bear with me I paraphrased. Read the book 13 years ago.

What matters most to you in YOUR life right now? More money, more time, more and more and more? Yet, as human beings, when we can’t get what we want [the money, the car, the girl / guy], more often than not we feel… disappointed. Why?

Was it THAT important to possess more money? What can you do with more money? “Oh, if I earned more, I could do MORE things! I could take time off, spend more time with my family, this and that”. Well, if they WERE important to you, you would NOT be stuck in this predicament, would you? In fact, you’d MAKE TIME for your family instead of chasing material wealth in the [foolish] hopes of providing a better quality of life for your family, when all they want is to spend more time with you while you whittle your way at the office.

More often than not, when things go awry, we tend to look inwards and blame ourselves. But really, as we scratch away the surface, peel away the ‘layers of the onion’, you will find that yes, we are crying and moaning about what we have yet to lose, when there’s SO MUCH to gain in this world.


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  1. Pretty deep stuff. For me, I think life isn’t about material possessions. It’s about the relationships we have (family/friends) and experiences.

  2. Get your head out of the oven, you DO have a beautiful backbend. πŸ˜›

    But yeah, this is really true.

    I keep on feeling like i just need MORE TIME, but really I have plenty. It’s like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings… it’s up to YOU what do decide with the time that is given to you! (Haha nerds.)


    • aww thanks!

      But LOTS of people think it’s virtually impossible to go far back in a backbend. [Then I bust their ass and they go back 3 inches… hah!]

      More time? What, with all the sleep deprivation… we DO have lots of time! πŸ™‚

  3. But I don’t have enough time to Platinum all my PS3 games!

    Jokes aside.. *nods in understanding*

    • Hilarious.

      You and I need to talk – or rather, I wanna talk, and I want you to listen LOL πŸ˜› [uses forceful teacher tone]

  4. I f*cking love this post!!

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