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Flexi Plexi


Lookie what I found!!!!

I thought *I* was flexible, but this just takes the cake! In other news, I found out that my flexibility is most definitely inherited from the maternal line as my 84 year old GRANDMOTHER can touch her toes. With straight legs. When I started the yoga at 21 I could BARELY touch my toes!

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You may fast forward the first minute if you think the song is silly [I have the tune stuck in my head now] – but the preceeding… acts is most definitely awesome to the power of OH.


p.s : Certainly does make me wanna work harder in advanced.

Too Much Is No Good

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t add too much if you’re not too sure”. This holds true for cooking and baking – though let me tell you that it’s not true for doing laundry.

As I taught the class this morning, I noticed white… froth developing on my crotch. Like. What. The. FUCK. To the untrained eye, it may’ve looked like my vagina was infested with rabies but that was when I knew – goddamnit, too much washing detergent. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I get itches and scratches on my ass, cause stupid me did not rinse my yoga shorts enough after handwashing it in detergent.

So hear this, from now on, only baking soda and tea tree oil. Fine, washing with detergent once a fortnight to rid of any ick. And I’ll have you know that tea tree oil is nature’s antiseptic and baking soda rids of the icky sweat smell.

Until then, excuse me while I convince people that my vagina does not have teeth and will bite like a rabid dog.


p.s : Thank god it happened during the floor series. I cannot imagine a student interrupting class to tell me my crotch is on fire foaming.

That Time Again

And so, another cycle of America’s Next Top Model Bikram Yoga Teacher Training begins.

Can you believe? It has been :

– 1 year since I quit my job

– 7 months since I boarded that fateful flight to the US of A [and endured immigration.. shudder]

– 4 months since I graduated

– 100++ classes

– 4 months since I started teaching

Wow, what an amazing journey it has been.

OK, I know certain parties have been silently throwing bricks at this blog since it has been relegated to the murky depths of Blogging Hell as I don’t blog as frequently. Here’s why :

The internet is a really really really big open space. I can’t blog about a class where a student [did this], or someone [did that], or that I slid on the digital thermometer and nearly broke my neck last month [well, okay, I can. And I was serious about that].

Though I’m dying for some teacher friends to come hang out so we can geek out, eat pickles, talk postures and bitch discuss about our day.

Maybe thedancingj would like to teach in Malaysia for a while?



Quote of the Daze

So those of you who’ve met me know of my … weird tendency to mishear things.

Example in point :

“Mei, have you done the copy for Client M?”

– What do you want to do with my balls?!

Today was no better.

Boss : Hey, wanna have lunch at BMS [Body Mind Soul organic shop]?

Me : What? Yes, I’m PMSing.

Boss : -_-

Somedays I think too much sweat dripped into my ears, tampering with my [already limited] hearing.



I don’t care if men don’t believe in PMS, or that Bikram himself thinks it’s bullshit …

My stomach just magically bloated up to the size of a melon and I feel sad / weepy / emotional all of a sudden.

Fuck you, PMS.

In other news, I dreamt I was Shirley Manson [frontwoman of Garbage, possibly the BEST alt rock group of all time] who was dating Joseph Encinia [hot hot hot hot hot drool drool drool – er, I meant, USA Men’s Champion in the National Asana Championships]. Oh my god. I think I need to lay off the cheese before I go to bed.

Did I just confess to having a mega crush on Joseph Encinia [who, by the way, already has a girlfriend]? Er, yeah. But so what, all the girls at my training were going GA GA [ooh la la! Want your bad romance!] over him.