I don’t care if men don’t believe in PMS, or that Bikram himself thinks it’s bullshit …

My stomach just magically bloated up to the size of a melon and I feel sad / weepy / emotional all of a sudden.

Fuck you, PMS.

In other news, I dreamt I was Shirley Manson [frontwoman of Garbage, possibly the BEST alt rock group of all time] who was dating Joseph Encinia [hot hot hot hot hot drool drool drool – er, I meant, USA Men’s Champion in the National Asana Championships]. Oh my god. I think I need to lay off the cheese before I go to bed.

Did I just confess to having a mega crush on Joseph Encinia [who, by the way, already has a girlfriend]? Er, yeah. But so what, all the girls at my training were going GA GA [ooh la la! Want your bad romance!] over him.


Posted on April 5, 2010, in Perso-mei-lly. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I had to google that Joseph Encinia guy, dude is freaky flexible.

    • And super cute. HAHAHA ahem.

      Did ya know he started practicing at the age of 11/13? He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthristis and suffered his first heart attack at 13. He was severely overweight and basically had a tough life!

      And look at him now! Ah, the power of yoga 🙂

  2. really…he thinks it’s bullshit? great…can’t wait for aunt flow to visit me during training…ack…!

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