That Time Again

And so, another cycle of America’s Next Top Model Bikram Yoga Teacher Training begins.

Can you believe? It has been :

– 1 year since I quit my job

– 7 months since I boarded that fateful flight to the US of A [and endured immigration.. shudder]

– 4 months since I graduated

– 100++ classes

– 4 months since I started teaching

Wow, what an amazing journey it has been.

OK, I know certain parties have been silently throwing bricks at this blog since it has been relegated to the murky depths of Blogging Hell as I don’t blog as frequently. Here’s why :

The internet is a really really really big open space. I can’t blog about a class where a student [did this], or someone [did that], or that I slid on the digital thermometer and nearly broke my neck last month [well, okay, I can. And I was serious about that].

Though I’m dying for some teacher friends to come hang out so we can geek out, eat pickles, talk postures and bitch discuss about our day.

Maybe thedancingj would like to teach in Malaysia for a while?



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  1. Yeah it IS that time again and I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING! Woo hoo! Would love to come and geek out over pickles with you – you are totally speaking my language there. Hugs!!

  2. Time flies, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Even if you can’t blog about every last detail of every last class, you can still blog bits and pieces. And that’s really all I’m asking for—just little bits and pieces of you! 🙂

  3. far out.. has it been that long already? but i thought i went back in sept? oh crikey.. it has been that long .. O.o

  4. Yeah, can’t believe it’s been a year since you spoke about the last job sucking ass and you wanting to do yoga. Time sure flies.

    Hey, I started a travel blog for my upcoming backpacking trip so if you’re interested,

    Yeah, wordpress crew signing in.

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