Too Much Is No Good

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t add too much if you’re not too sure”. This holds true for cooking and baking – though let me tell you that it’s not true for doing laundry.

As I taught the class this morning, I noticed white… froth developing on my crotch. Like. What. The. FUCK. To the untrained eye, it may’ve looked like my vagina was infested with rabies but that was when I knew – goddamnit, too much washing detergent. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I get itches and scratches on my ass, cause stupid me did not rinse my yoga shorts enough after handwashing it in detergent.

So hear this, from now on, only baking soda and tea tree oil. Fine, washing with detergent once a fortnight to rid of any ick. And I’ll have you know that tea tree oil is nature’s antiseptic and baking soda rids of the icky sweat smell.

Until then, excuse me while I convince people that my vagina does not have teeth and will bite like a rabid dog.


p.s : Thank god it happened during the floor series. I cannot imagine a student interrupting class to tell me my crotch is on fire foaming.

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  1. I cannot help but roll on the floor and laugh at the last line.
    and at the post script.

  2. It just gets more and more graphic here. TMI TMI

    • Sorry 😛

      Think of it as Kerrigan’s foaming crotch as she prepares to spawn broodlings [like she can!]

      Are you excited for Starcraft 2? [or am I still a big ass nerd?]

  3. You could always distract them from looking at your crotch by falling off the podium….

  4. I really enjoy reading about you, being you…

  5. I’m just waiting for the day that bubbles start rising out of my Shakti shorts because I’ve overdone it with the detergent. This story gives me hope.


    • NOOOO!!!! It was vile and disgusting, I thought I was going to die a foamy death. And I don’t think it was a pair of Shaktis, but another brand… hmmm….

  6. you mean ‘won’t’ bite like a rabid dog… hahaha

    • Oh.


      *forehead desk.

      Copywriter / Copycheck FAIL. Thanks for the copyediting! 😛

      [I’m too damn lazy to change it though]

  7. Bikram would certainly have had something to say about THAT. I love it when he says about a woman, “she has teeth in two place.” About 25% of the room will look shocked, disgusted, and amused, and the rest of the people completely miss the joke. 😀

    • LOL I laughed a little… then died after that.

      Like. literally could NOT move on my mat [didn’t have the energy to twitch even LOL]

      aaaah good times

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