Nearly Back to Regular Programming…

In between teaching 10-12 classes a week [I taught TWELVE last week, and 6 classes in 48hours…], constant regular practice and trying to live life…

I have somehow found the time to blog! While not a very regular feature… I present to you… !

This should be a fun thing to do 🙂 Thanks for Lee Allen Johnson for the reccomendation!

BTW – blogplug! – check out Lee’s site – for the latest news in the Bikram Yoga community 🙂



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  1. Hi Mei,

    I am considering Bikram teacher training in Vegas in September 2010. Love your blog on surviving teacher training…. but I can only find Part 1? Did you write further parts?

    I am from Australia and would be interested in your experience and tips in living in the US for 9 weeks.

    Also what do you say re building stamina before training? I practice 4-5 times a week…. have OK flexability, but have issues with stamina and breathing. Did you do any special preparation in the months leading up to TT?

    • Hi James! Good to see you here 🙂

      I didn’t get to write that Part2 because 1- I didn’t have the time and 2- I figured I’d be spoiling LOTS of things and slightly ruining the experience for you 🙂

      What would you like to know? From Visa application onwards… though I think as an Aussie you wouldn’t have that many problems [I’m Asian, female, single, from a Muslim country… yeah].

      To build stamina, I highly suggest daily practice for 60days with doubles / back-to-backs 2-3 times a week [I did this few months leading up to TT]. Don’t worry about flexibility, trust me when I say you come back from TT MUCH strong and MUCH more flexible – though during TT it will feel like you have no hamstrings and no sort of tangible flexibility.

  2. Hey I met Jacob today! He’s out here at TT for a week or month or something like that. He asked if I’m gonna come visit you and teach in KL… 🙂

  3. You wrote Iron Man 2? I will read it after I watch the movie today.

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