Weirdest Week. EVER.

This week has sort of turned out to be the weirdest one I’ve ever lived. Wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.

Monday my heart did backflips, backward bends and [HOLY HELL] 600 jumping jacks when I found out my privacy was compromised. I felt claustrophobic, like I COULD NOT breathe [don’t tell me to do breathing exercises – I did, and wanted to DIE after doing 3 sets of Pranayama breathing]. I suppose the wanting to die feeling was due to doing THREE sets of Pranayama, and not because of the situation. Hmm…

Friday I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee after teaching the 815pm. Lovely Pickway gave me a bottle of pepper spray cause she owes me one [heh]. Random dude approaches us and tells us how he pepper spray’d his dog and it died. or something equally horrid. Random Dude proceeds to ask us “Why are you giving her [me] pepper spray?” to which I replied “It’s a birthday present” whilst calculating how much do I have left in my bank to survive AFTER I pepper spray this weirdo and figuring out how to push him down the stairs.

This morning absolutely takes the cake. Popped my Lady GaGa CD out and turned the radio on [until Justin Beaver, or Bieber, or whatever her name is OFF the airwaves I’m listening to Lady GaGa!], grooved to Alejandro for a bit before switching to my favourite channel. Lo and behold, Alejandro was on again!

Weird. Weird. Weird.

I think it’s time to sit and home and grow mouldy.



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