Lady Luck

Picked up The Boyfriend for lunch [mmm lamb stew] yesterday. When he got into the car he looked and me and exclaimed :

You’ve got a lady bug on your head!

“Hurry B! Take the photo! Take the photo!”

After much angling, “DON’T MOVE!” commands, and me going “Hurry. Up. I cannot feel my neck” yeah yeah enough of the yoga jokes ….

Lady Bug

Here’s a close up… Ok, I know I need to wax my brows and stuff, but just look at the lady bug and pretend I’ve got lovely shaped eyebrows, ok? Awesome!

Lady Bug closeup

Closer... closer...

And yes, those are my real eyelashes. wow, you can see the blackheads on my nose.

Hmm, what could this possibly mean? Googled and it says that it means that all my wishes will come true. Really? Universe?

Here’s hoping that your Monday is as awesome πŸ™‚


p.s : Like my new hair? And the new colour? It’s almost close to my natural colour… BLONDE.


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  1. I DO like the hair!
    If that means all of your wishes will come true than I’m going to go look for ladybugs!
    Have a great day **hugs**

  2. Aww, I love ladybugs! That’s too cute.

  3. I want a lady bug on my head!!!!! Me, Universe!! Pick me!!!

    Now, please excuse me while I go pull myself together.


  4. More piccies!! can’t really see your hairstyle.. hehe.. more boyish? or less now?? looks good from what i can see.. lol.

    man.. i miss chatting to you.. where are uuuu..

    and and.. i’ve booked my flights back for october!

  5. I want a lady bug on my head too. I’ll go find one and super glue it to my head later.

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