I know I know!!! It’s nearly a week away from my birthday! I’m turning old!

*shameless smirk and silly grin

Ahem, aside from announcing my grand ol’ age to the world wide web, no I’m not looking for gifts of anything in particular.

Except that I got myself a very very very expensive present because I felt I deserved it for being a good little squirrel teacher person. And I really liked it.

Well maybe bigger tits, a router and a keyboard protector for Fluffyana, but that’s besides the point.

Arrived home after a dreary long day to find a PACKAGE FROM THAILAND. FOR ME.

Now who’d send me an awesome package from Thailand? 😉

Little Miss Jolinda!!!! WOOO!!!


Upon closer inspection …

It Says "The Everything Vegan Cookbook by Jolinda Hackett" for those of you who can't read reverse text 😉

And yes, I was fully clothed and wearing a strapless dress, in case you filthy minded creatures and thinking that I’m sullying Jolinda’s awesome book with my anorexic body.

Can’t wait to make Tahini dip this weekend. What an awesome way to break in my blender and the book!


p.s : Yes, it was personally signed and sealed and delivered with a kiss. LOL!

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