Not 100%

Apologies for the lack of updates as I’m going through a very personal period right now.

On a physical note, I fell down on my left arse while attempting a headstand [actually, fell down thrice]. I guess yesterday was the last straw because after teaching the 8pm class my ENTIRE left hip radiated pain from my lower back all the way down to my pubic bone / groin. In fact, the only way to alleviate the pain was to put pressure on my left groin using my hands, but honestly, it just looks like I’m trying to masturbate furiously. No, really, I’m just trying to OW MY HIP!

So I guess this means a few days of rest away from the yoga as I suspect a Sacroilliac Joint Inflammation [no, I haven’t went to see the doctor yet, cause I’m too big a chicken and I HATE LOCAL DOCTORS HERE AND I DON’T HAVE THE TIME]. I can imagine having a conversation with my regular GP [who I totally swear is jacked up on meth] and telling her that my femur hurts, my sacroiliac joint hurts and what she’ll do is look at me with a puzzled look, give me 20 different painkillers to pop [because she LOVES overprescribing like that] and tell me to suck it up.


The thing with hip injuries is not only do they hurt hella lot, most emotions are stored in our hips. Ergo, even the simplest things can trigger Waterworks United from me.

EG #1 :

I see a cat at the restaurant I’m eating at. I feed it, pet it, and leave it.



EG  #2 :

“Hey, have you found your earphones? I got you some for your birthday”


“Erm, they’re just earphones you know”


I don’t know. I guess I’m either having serious PMS or this hip thing is messing with my emotions big time.



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  1. From one hip/SI joint–pain sufferer to another:


    That is alll. 🙂

    • awww thanks! Big massive internet hugs back your way!

      Just wondering… what postures do you take it easy on? Cause erm, I haven’t taken anything easy in the past year or so :\

      Maybe it’s my body’s way of saying ‘chill out’ !

      • Hopefully you’re feeling at least a little better by now! I too have a hard time backing off in postures… but I’ve been told by teachers to be very, very gentle, cautious even, in forward bends. In standing separate leg head to floor stretching (as I call it), don’t pigeon-toe (turn in) your toes — the whole purpose of doing that is to stretch the SI joint, which you want to baby right now…
        I’ve also been told to keep going for it in backbends, because the whole “tourniquet effect” will help heal the sad little emo nerves who are screaming at us.
        I think, as always, the bottom line is that little twinges are okay, big bad OUUUUUCCCHHHes are not.
        Out of curiosity, is the pain wrapping around the front or back of your body when you say that it radiates from hip to pubic bone? Sounds like it could be that your piriformis is mightily involved… Maybe when the sharp pain lets up, work some pigeon? Those are issues I’m familiar with, anyway…
        But wait, *you’re* the teacher! So take anything I say with a grain of salt. 🙂
        Don’t be afraid to ice it. Ice, ice, baby!
        (More interwebs hugz)

      • It still hurts like a mofo so I’m heading off to see a doctor tomorrow [Monday] :\

        Thanks so much for your help! It doesn’t matter to me, I haven’t had this sort of injury before so it’ll be a sharp [no pun intended] learning curve for me! Always happy to learn from others [though I know some teachers who don’t like learning from young uns 😉 ]

        Hmm you’re right, it wraps around the front of my body. Really annoying! One moment I think it’s sciatica then the next I hear my hip clicking in my sleep. eeeeps!

  2. Did you have trouble tying the robe? I did i gave up so I went in the MRI room ass bare

    • LOL I’m bendy so I just turned around and *tie tie tie.

      But I was lazy and wanted to get out quick so I just tied one string.

      Oooh you did MRI on your knee?

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