The Wonderful Wonders of Web 2.0

Warning : Potentially boring geeky post about Web 2.0 and Social Media. If that’s not your cuppa tea, please visit for some entertaining stuff! My former neighbour who has since moved to Texas [and turned out to be quite a dashing young man I must say πŸ˜‰ ] has quit his job and is now embarking on a whirldwind worldwide backpacking adventure! EXCITING STUFF! I only regret I couldn’t make it down to Texas to visit him while I was in USA though 😦

I love the interwebz – it has allowed me, via my blog [and Facebook, etc] to network with other like-minded Bikram yogis through forums, Twitter and we exchange useful information [though sometimes I must admit I tweet totally useless stuff] and connect with each other πŸ™‚ In fact, our community is so … unique and intriguing, I was supposed to write a White Paper on it last year but I got… sidetracked. OK FINE, I got lazy and I had to prepare for Teacher Training. And I got obsessed with holding Standing Head to Knee for 1 full minute, tee hee [which I still haven’t mastered, but oh well].

Most companies have now started jumping onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon. Heck, you even see small mom’n’pop shops with their own little “Like us on Facebook!” signs up [I should really take a picture of that next time …]. But what some companies think is Web 2.0 = total fail. For example, you can’t just set up a facebook page, “LIKE” it and expect 10 bazillion fans / members to tune in when you don’t even bother interacting with your core audience [true story x 1million for this jaded person]. What IS Web 2.0 anyway? For me it goes WAY BEYOND setting up a twitter account and announcing updates [*cough Machines], @MAS had it down to a pat but I’m a tad sad to see their brand personality vanish [*cough]. @yoga_rajashree had great Twitter presence, but I guess she got busy 😦 Mary Jarvis [hello Mary! ❀ ] on Twitter was awesome, but she hasn’t been on Twitter for nearly a year 😦 Β In other words, corporations need to go UP, ABOVE and BEYOND when doing Web 2.0. You can’t just do it and HOPE for the best! There is a FORMULA to it, THERE HAS TO BE INTERACTION [that’s why it’s called SOCIAL media, d’oh] – no more hiding behind screens, trolling forums, baiting people on forums [*COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH!!!!]. For Web 2.0 to work, there has to be TRANSPARENCY! So your flight got delayed by Air Asia? Obviously first thing I’m going to do is tweet @AirAsia and then slam @TonyFernandes. I’m sorry, but that is the truth, please don’t tell me you wouldn’t do it otherwise. And if your company truly sucks donkey balls @maxiscomms ? Don’t get on twitter if you can’t handle the heat! Twitter is not MEANT for damage control [you could try @maxiscomms and TMNET, I would love to see that].

One of the BEST ways Social Media [in particular, Twitter] has been utilised is by HBO for their star show True Blood. You have ALL the characters of the series @Sookie_BT , @Eric_ofArea5 @WilliamTCompton to even Lorena, Alcide, Tara AND Lafayette in on twitter INTERACTING with EACH OTHER and their fans! Basically the characters interact with each other based on what that week’s episode was. How EXCITING for rabid fans such as I, who cannot wait for the next episode of True Blood to come out [till someone burst my bubble and said “Ya know, it could be some fat overweight dude managing all 20 accounts” 😦 ]. Even Jessica the baby Vamp has her own BLOG and she VLOGS! [OK, it could be that same 50 year old dude who’s behind it, bleh].


Happy Social Media Day everyone!

*No, I’m not sick. I know the story, I just *cough

*My GOD it’s like I got hit by the Writing Fairy in the hinny! [haha, it even rhymes!]

*Fine, with the number of *coughs in my post, I really ought to have died of TB by now


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  1. Ooooh! I am now following the trueblood characters! How fun.
    Even though it’s a fat 50 year old man tweeting and eating twinkies…..


  3. Thanks for the shout out πŸ™‚ I’m flattered.

  4. Hey, sweetie – thanks for mentionin’ me and my friends over here! Real excited to be on there πŸ˜›

    – @Sookie_BT

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