The Day I Forgot I Was A Teacher

After a week and a bit of not teaching and 2 weeks of not practicing, I am ashamed to admit that I’m totally out of shape. If physically I’m mouldy, think emotionally, spiritually, and… dialogue-y. Yep, my dialogue, after 1 week of not being in use, has gone to the sharks.


So long.


Getting up onto the podium brought “First Class Nerves” all over again.

“Oh holy SHIT mother of GOD MARY MAGDALENE … I am supposed to tell 13 people what they’re supposed to do. Oh hooollyyy craaaaaap” before I dusted off my metallic balls. Ah, back in business. Sure I sounded shaky, and sure I totally forgot what bodies are supposed to look like / do while in a posture [I blame the nerves] but I am relieved to say I got my groove back after teaching the first set of breathing.

Till I got to padahastasana and forgot my dialogue.

“Continously… keep pulling.. just pull harder, push your knees back and lock your knees!”.

God I wanted to jump off the podium and break my neck, making it my final fall off that damn thing.

Off to read my dialogue once again!



Posted on July 1, 2010, in Bikram Yoga, Malaysiana, Perso-mei-lly. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. It’s like riding a bike…or something. 🙂

  2. Hehe… I’m still nervous almost EVERY time. Gotta love it!! Bikram got completely got distracted and forgot his dialogue for Padahastasana during our training… he said: “Ah… I forgot my dialogue. JUST KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!! Push your knees back, lock your knees…” and then everyone just cracked up, including him. It was one of my favorite class moments. 🙂 It IS like riding a bike. It’s all in there!

    • LOL I have a feeling Bikram does that occasionally to make us laugh, relax so we can do the posture 😀

      “What, 2nd set or 1st set? I forgot.” [300 people yelling “SECOND SET”]
      “Really? Ok, I believe you. Next!”

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