A central theme in Buddhism is “Compassion for all beings”, which I shall take here to mean all things living and spiritual [I believe spirits walk amongst us, but you know, don’t disturb them and they don’t disturb you].

What exactly IS compassion? Is it feeling sadness reading the deaths of so many people in Gaza?

Or is it rejoicing over the deaths of ‘terrorists’?

How about feeling sadness for the families of these ‘terrorists’?

Is compassion turning the other cheek when you are slapped? Or is it feeling sorry for the person who dealt you the blow, because their parents didn’t teach them better?

Bikram once said “The truth is the most bitter pill to swallow”, and he is right. The truth, while it hurts and stings and shakes you to the core, serves to wake you up from any delusions you may harbour.

That is why I only tell you the truth, even though it hurts, even though you may call me a “fucking cold hearted bitch” with “no feelings” who “doesn’t understand what love and sacrifice means”. Yes, my friends, the truth hurts, but I would rather have the compassion to tell you the truth than to see you suffer.

In this case : Can compassion be heartless? Is a slap in the face compassion, even though it is warranted?

Believe me, it hurts me more to see people suffer than it hurts those suffering.



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  1. I find it’s common for people to lack compassion….not only for others, but for themselves. Perhaps they go hand in hand?

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