MasterCleanse Day 1

After breaking out into rashes for the umpteenth time this year and having THREE ulcers form in my mouth [ouch], I have decided to take matters into my paws and go on the Master Cleanse.

For those of you not familiar with the Master Cleanse, please click here.

No, it’s not a way to lose weight for me – though I must add that I was happy to read that ‘underweight people’ gain weight towards the end of the Cleanse. Hooray!

If you think not eating is difficult, it actually is! Even though funny enough I had an eating disorder in the past … but that is another story for another day.

Day 1 has been a mixed bag of emotions! The ever lovely Jolinda told me that at some point we’ll go through the emotional detox, but oh she didn’t mention it’ll be within 24 hours of starting the Cleanse! I basically felt annoyed and aggro with everyone and anyone [WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT MAPLE SYRUP IS?!]

The WORST part was walking through the mall and smelling food when I was soooo hungry [didn’t have my Lemonade on me] and when I got to the Health Food Store, I could’ve sworn all hell broke loose when they didn’t have Grade B maple syrup.

Excuse me while I prepare my Salt Water Flush… this should be fun.



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