Missing My Other Half

When I was at Teacher Training, one of the most consistent advice constantly dished out was “Come back to the Source [Bikram]” and “Trust the process”. Unfortunately for me, due to me being unable to take a week off of teaching, I have not been back at Teacher Training, though I sorely want to go.

I want to be killed by Boss again [TOUCH your forehead to the floor! Chicken shit!].

I want to remember how it was to feel like I was dying in the room.

I want to touch my neighbour next to me, to feel comforted all over again, that I am not alone on this journey of suffering, joy and melancholy.

I want to get yelled and screamed at, because nobody but Boss knows how much farther and further we can go.

Succintly : I want to get my ass kicked big time.

Watching the Spring 2010 training video just brought back memories, with me laughing when Bikram said “COME DOWN MORE BOSS, 6 INCHES, 5, 4, 3, 2 … CHICKEN SHIT”.



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  1. Can you make it to the fall teacher training?? It’s right around the corner, isn’t it??

  2. Hi Mei
    Just found your blog and this is BY FAR the funniest effing blog I have ever read. You are absolutely hysterical !!!! People here at work think I’ve lost my mind as I sit and just crack up at my computer. I’m back in the archives, so working my way through.. Still in Jun 2009, but had to tell you that I Love it !!

    I practice at Bikram Yoga Quincy (Massachusetts). Same as you, I’m stalking all the blogs I can find on teacher training hoping to go one day. I’m obsessed !! Seriously, you rock !!

    • Hi!! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my nonsensical drivel 🙂

      I actually had s teacher training blog, iloveswewt.com/yogameiniac 🙂

      Happy practice!

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