I am by no means, a domestic goddess. A Bikram Goddess maybe, an Anal Cleaning Goddess too but domesticated? Cook, clean, wash, laundry? Most certainly not me!

Till I decided one day to try making homemade potato croquettes.

Croquettes or Cockquettes or Massive Cat Turds?

Sure, they ended up looking like giant sand-covered cat turds [or as my mum said, “Like a flaccid penis”] but boy do they taste. So. Damn. Good.

Hey, I never professed to being one of those people who expertly make Fine Food 😉

It’s Dead Simple to make these croquettes, so here’s the recipe for a little Autumn / Winter snack or whenever you feel like a little comfort food :

Ingredients :

4-5 large potatoes, boiled and mashed

A tin of sardines [I used mackerel and leftover salmon in this case]

2 large handfulls of mozzarella cheese [you may omit this if you are lactose intolerant]

2 large eggs, beaten


Oil for frying [though you may bake it if you want to be all healthy]

Salt & pepper to taste

Step 1 : Mash the potatoes [I have no potato masher at home, so I used a fork and diligently mashed those 5 large suckers while watching CSI:New York]

Step 2 : Mix sardines. At this point, you can start using your hands to get an even mix.

Step 3 : Add in cheese, salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil.

Step 4 : Shape into cat turd phallic croquette shape. However, if you are popping it in the oven, shape into a patty shape.

Step 5 : Roll in egg then lightly coat in breadcrumbs.

Step 6 : Heat some oil up.

Step 7 : When oil is hot, put in croquettes to fry. Alternatively, if you are being healthy, pop it into the oven.

Mixing it up

Right before I put them through the worst humiliation of all

And there you have it!


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  1. Anal Cleaner eh? hahah 😉

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