Beautiful Collision

What a start to November.

First, I get a serious eczema outbreak all over my arms, legs, neck and torso. Everyone thinks I have some sort of fungal outbreak [IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS] and EVERY. ONE has been telling me not to scratch. I cannot tell you this enough – it is almost like telling the sun not to shine or the earth to stop spinning on its axis. I have eczema, I will scratch and IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD WHEN I DO SO. Then suffer later and start crying about how much of a leper I look.

Secondly – sciatica. Or a pulled muscle / tendon / thingajigbobfunk in my hip / pelvis. I can’t bend forward, can’t kick up my right leg in Standing Bow and Head to Knee hurts. It hurts when I sit down, and after I sit down I can’t get up and I can’t sit down for too long a time because “something funny” will go on in my left hip joint / girdle. My boyfriend felt sorry for me that he got me cake. Yay! Cake!

Thirdly – an accident. Just as a friend got into my car as I’m about to drive off … this … MOTHERFUCKER taxi driver reverses his car … into my passenger door.

My first reaction was “oh, I think it should be ok. My car’s continental and his is local … La la la!”. When I got out … There was a dent and a scratch. My door could not close properly as well 😦 I leaned on my friend’s shoulder and was about to cry. Then I realized … That mofo REVERSED INTO me.

I got mad.

Really really mad.

A red cloud overtook my vision, my hands were balled up into fists.

“Did you not see my car?!” I yelled at him in (horribly mangled cantonese), my voice betraying how I really wanted to punch him and may he get VD.

Cab driver began talking in Cantonese. I was too angry and shocked to comprehend what was being said, so I turned to said friend and asked, “What the FUCK is he saying. I do not fucking understand”.

Lucky for me, my friend did the translating and cab driver agreed to meet back at 3:30pm to assess the damage (he had a passenger, friend and I had errands to run).

Thankfully I met with an accident with an honest person because not only did the cab driver agreed to come back, we went to the workshop and he agreed to pay the cost of the repair. Thank you universe 🙂

They say all things happen for a reason. Still trying to find the reason for all bad things happening right now … And hoping that this will lead to bigger and better things.



Some excerpts from my bitchtastic rant that my poor friend had to endure :

“You will shut up and let me rant, because I said so. If you disagree, shut up as well”.

“Its not your fault. It’s the driver’s fault. Actually, it’s your neighbour’s fault for calling a cab.”

“Your neighbours are a bunch of bachelors? Good. Because I will send over a STD-riddled whore so they will all get herpes”.


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  1. Ohhh, honey. Sounds like a rough go of it. Deep breaths? Lots of yoga? Or perhaps a good scream out loud to the universe??

  2. Wow, the cabbie could’ve easily not shown up but it’s nice to hear there are honest ppl like that out there. Sorry to hear about your messed up November, hope you get better especially healthwise.

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