Enough is ENOUGH.

I have HAD IT with my liver!!!



There are blotches of angry red welts on my elbows, back of my knees, neck and navel. It itches when I teach, it hurts when I shower, and above all, it leaves dark-coloured scars after the eczema is done with its course.



I scratch and itch SO MUCH when I teach, I absent-mindedly started scratching myself and ended up having to stem a few drops of scarlet from the back of my knee from dripping onto the carpet [thereby evoking the grossness of every student in class].


I itched and scratched on my neck so much, I wondered why a student was staring at me until I looked at myself in the mirrors [while they were in Savasana, of course!] and saw that I had dried blood running down my neck, leaving a trail of  dead red blood cells in its wake.


My feet are yellow and jaundiced. Yes, I know, I am Chinese, but yellow feet on my sallow fair skin just made it look worse.




Oh, it’s still November.





Posted on November 24, 2010, in Perso-mei-lly. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Holy crap, dude. What are you doing for this?! I think whatever you’re doing, you need to either do it MORE or do something ELSE because that is just not sounding okay!

  2. You sure that Mastercleanse thing works? Sounds like you’re depriving your body of nutrients from healthy food and it’s rebelling.

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