Absolutely delighted, thrilled and honoured to have had Sarah (of Colorado) and Edward (of Vancouver) guest teach at our little studio in this far flung corner of Earth!


Spent some time hanging out with the fabulous yogis, doing advanced and generally creating mayhem of the yogic kind. WHEEE!


Learnt a great deal about alignment and form from Sarah, who has had 8 years of teaching under her belt. [I feel like a zygote next to her. Seriously].


Second thing to be happy about … I’M LOSING MY FLEXIBILITY! YAY!


I know, you must be in shock. “Which HEATHEN would profess her utter joy at losing her flexibility at yoga?!” Well, THIS heathen doth do so! The problem for overly flexible people such as myself is that class is actually HARDER for us as we have to learn how to USE our muscles and not SINK into our joints. Oh, the irony, at having to have a hip replacement by the time I hit 30 all because I was sinking down into my pelvis during triangle 😉


When you build STRENGTH in your muscles, you will compromise on your FLEXBILITY. Yes, I had to control myself from going too far back in a backbend or kicking too high up in Standing Bow [because I can, and because I know I look ridiculously good doing so] but what is the point of doing so when I can’t hold it… even though you may threaten the life of a kitty at that.


THIRDLY … I *finally* hauled ass to a dermatologist.


After multiple GASPS and “OH MY GOD”s and the occasional “EWW” from students, I, the leper, have dragged myself to see a dermatologist reccommended to me by a few students.


Wait time without an appointment : 45 minutes

Consultation time : 3 minutes

Cost : RM120 (including a littany of creams, pills and consultation fee)


HAPPY with the results so far! Though I may have to put on more Vitamin E cream to have nice silky pins by the time Tania’s wedding rolls by 😉



Which made me realise… what the HELL is going on with my immune system? First shingles, now an outbreak of eczema on my body!



So totally downing an orange juice after this, right after this tiny little tablet that made me so drowsy that


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  1. Oh wow, Mei, your allergies sound like mine. I completely relate. Horrible itchy blotches that come and go at their own will. Do you really think it’s your liver? I hope they are feeling better!

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