New Year [almost!], New Hairdo

Try to find the similarities if you will, between the women below :


Carrie Bradshaw, Season 1 "Sex & The City"



Glenn Close, "Fatal Attraction"



I know, pretty obvious huh? Psycho women who are looking for love



A lovely mop of wild mane curly-haired permed goodness sitting atop their shoulders!



I must confess, I’m not one who likes curly hair. My style is more structured, clean lines … conventional and safe.



Until I started watching too much Glee, so now my wardrobe consists of skirts and I now have a fetish for headbands.



So uhm, I went to my hairdresser for a regular “trim/cut/colour/whatever”. I have been going to Philip for a LONG time, so I trust him. Plus I’m rather adventurous and am up for anything 😉


“Oh  my GOD, Mei. Can you stop losing weight?”

– Not my fault!



He ruffled my hair… and then announced, “I am going to perm your hair. Give you more volume”.

– OK!


He carefully sectioned my hair and rolled it up into curlers. My head smelled like a mixture of cat piss and dog food. Definitely not sexy. Definitely not appetizing. Definitely not good for the nostrils.



A couple of hours later…




New Mei!


That’s newly permed so it obviously is more POUF than it is now after a few washes.



HAHAHA the students can barely recognise me! It is hilarious! Told my boss he should be so lucky that he gets “3 teachers a year” in me thanks to my everchanging hairstyle 😀


Well 99.99% of the comments have been positive, though my mum said “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” and my boyfriend has decided to call me a beansprout [“You know, small tiny body and BOOF, big head of hair!”].



Yup, I’m loving it!










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  1. SOOOOO fun, Mei!!! I love it!!! I’m a big believer in changing things up big time when it comes to hair. After all, it grows back, right? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, you do to your hair is permanent. So why not play with it a little??

    Seriously, love the new ‘do.

  2. I open up your blog to see your new hairstyle and BOOM, a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m thinking, “Mei looks like SJP now?!?” LOL. You look freaking adorable. POUF is right! I am a huge fan of dramatic hair style changes,, so rock on. 😀

  3. Yaaaaaah! It looks GREAT. Sometimes, a new haircut is just what you need. Turn over that new leaf. Let go of control and let that wild sexy hair down!

  4. Um, you kinda look better than SJP and Glenn Close. Just sayin’. Nice do!

  5. OMG Mei! This reminds me of “bouf”. Do you remember what I’m referring to???? When you were here???? ROTFLMAO
    Ok, as far as your hair….I love it! sassy…….very cute!

  6. Dig the new hairdo.

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