9-week Stand, Anyone?

If you haven’t read this article by Clancy Martin of Details magazine, please click here.



I have a few minor problems with the article. Namely the fact that *I* did not get any hook-ups AT ALL during my 9 weeks of Teacher Training. Nope, I didn’t make out with anyone, never held hands, and I do not recall following a man with “perfect, rippling muscles” back to his room.


Instead, I found myself either :

– memorising dialogue like a loon

– doing yoga poses in the hallway of the Las Vegas Hilton with my groupmates [at 12am, nonetheless]

– crying

– doing bodily functions




Apparently the advanced seminar had “libidinal energy” pulsating throughout the resort during the Fall 2010 Advanced / TT. I think she has confused great yoga energy with sexual energy. Sure your Kundalinis open and what not, but if ANYONE has the energy to even last through the whole day AND return back to the room for some BoomBoomBangBang, you have my TOTAL respect.


I mean, sure I felt like I wanted to get laid, but even the mere thought of having sex was tiring enough. Seriously. I’d rather sleep than rub privates with someone else.



And “hundreds of gorgeous, fit women everywhere” ? Let me tell you a story of how I gained 6kgs during training, acne flared up and Bikram confused me for a boy [and this happened to a majority of my friends, the weight-gain part, not the “boy” part]. The end. The AVERAGE age of trainees at my TT was 40. The youngest was 18, the eldest 60-over. Gorgeous and Fit? Definitely. But not in the sexual snide undertones that the writer had in mind.




Maybe I should get my money back since I did not hook-up at all during my 9-weeks in Sin City. *sadface pout*







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  1. Thanks for your honest response to such a ridiculous and obviously exaggerated article! I just posted on it, too:


  2. Wow. If I’d known TT was a 9-week orgy, I’d have gone years ago. That should totally be in the literature.

  3. You cracked me up. Good job and thank you! It was a nice change from being pissed off.

    • 😛

      Maybe my training didn’t have many “rippling muscles” or “lithe contorting bodies” [I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the gist!]. I feel cheated. Maybe I should go back and train again 😛

  4. But that’s the only reason I’m going in 66 days!! 😉 I’m so tired just from my regular practice to even DATE much less FORNICATE. I imagine I’ll be thinking about boinking even less once I’m there. Thanks for calling out the many flaws in this article. I love how Bikram fed into all of it and then came out with the beautiful quote that got buried in the middle of it all: “Go do good in the world, like me. Teach them their mind has a screw loose. It hates itself, it hates its body. But the lotus can grow in the garbage! Make them fall in love with themselves!”

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