I HATE Bikram Yoga

I really do.

I freaking hate it. Hate it to my guts, hate it from the tip of my hairs to the ends of my toe nails. Hate it from my sciatic nerve back up all the way to my optical nerve. AH THE NERVE.



I sweat too much, my sweat stings my eyes, and for some reason I get crusty eyes the next morning after class.


The teachers talk too much [HA!], they shout and scream at you to lock the freaking knee “LOCK THE KNEE, LOCK THE KNEE, LOCK THE KNEE!” and they never seem to be able to SHUT the HELL UP and yet seem so happy clappy out of class. BAH.


The men sweat too much, they fling their horrid sweat on me, and some males don’t know the meaning of Laundry Day.


My back hurts during backbends, my back hurts during forward bends, my back is FUCKING killing me.


It is DIFFICULT, it is SO DAMN HOT and it PISSES me off.



But yet like a cracked up whore I still keep going back and I became a teacher.


Because it is difficult, because it pisses me off, because it is hot, because the teachers push me, because of all the reasons why I hate it, is why I believe in it.


And yet, who can deny the post-class euphoria is the BEST part of class?




Happy 3 year anniversary to me! 😀




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  1. Todd Boergermann

    Thank you for this! I am a new Bikram yogi and just completed my 10th class in 30 days and am determined in Feb to do at least 20 classes! I tell myself in class how much I “love” it, but I really do “hate” it when I am there, and I say I’m never coming back, but I LOVE it when I leave and have continued to come back. I really needed this inspiration today so Thank You!

    • Welcome to Bikram yoga! I’m truly stoked for you 🙂

      It’s a love hate relationship, though right now I’m going through the hate part 😉

      Happy sweating!

  2. Hell yeah. I hate it too. I especially hate it right now, when I’m busy and have a million other things to do and it reminds me of why I’m stressed and how I never progress and blah. But wow… it is a pretty freakin amazing practice when you give yourself over to it!

  3. One of my students came out of class yesterday and said, “That was TERRIBLE and AMAZING!!” Yup.

    “Happy clappy” teachers, hah, that would be me. BAH indeed!!

  4. so true, its a love have relationship 🙂 i just started taking bikram last week, went to 5 classes, and only went once this week because of my “monthly visit”, and just yesterday I had the crazy idea of becoming an instructor.

  5. I absolutely hate it as well and you summed it up perfectly. But when I first started, I loved it to bits and was addicted for 3 months. I just wanted to do it everyday, twice a day (but ended up with occasional doubles and just a 3-4x a week practice due to tight sched).

    I think its the feeling you get afterwards that gets you back to class. You hate it during, but love the rewards after.

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