Much Needed Therapy

Which oddly enough, wasn’t Bikram Yoga!

About 3 weeks ago, I [gracefully] fell down on my ass in the carpark ON MY WAY to dinner. Before you lot get ahead of yourselves [yes, my 3 readers in total], this was BEFORE any drinking so please don’t nod sagely and go “Ah yes, she was drunk, that’s why she fell down”. In fact, I was sober and just taught!

So walking along – doo doo doo – thinking of what to order for dinner – doo doo doo, should I have lamb? Or pasta? doo doo doo – when suddenly my left foot gives out under me and SPLATCHUNK I land [gracefully] on the floor. On my ass bone. First thing out of my mouth was “OH SHIT I fell down!” [I mean, no shit, Sherlock] but a friend reckon I should’ve said “I meant to do that!”. Thank goodness the carpark was empty save for the parking attendant who looked over curiously at me.

And since then, my ass bone [ok, fine, coccyx] hurts and I can’t lie on my back during Savasana. Forget Standing Bow or Bow or Standing Head to knee. In fact, one day -in my mind- I was screeching “FUCK THE 26 + 2, GO DEEPTHROAT A CHAINSAW WAAAARRRGHHHH” before laying down on my side to Savasana.

After teaching a class in KL, I was talking to a newbie and I asked him what he does for a living. He answered, “Oh, many things, I’m a life coach, I also do Cranial Sacral therapy, Breathworks…”

– Cranial Sacral? What’s that like?

“Oh, it’s how your bones realign itself….”

– OOOH Can I try?

“Sure! You wanna do it now?”

– WEE! 😀

I laid down on a yoga mat, rolled over on my side, and he put his palm under my sacrum, [I rolled back on to it] and the magic started. It took only about 10 seconds before I could FEEL IT. What, exactly, you may ask? I felt buzzing, pulling and scraping [?!] in my sacroilliac joint [the source of my injury]. He remarked that we both made a connection really fast [cause I do yoga? :D]. In a few minutes I felt buzzing travelling up my spine … on to my shoulders and neck [where he remarked “Oh WOW, you have lots of nerve damage here!”] and down into my hands [“Wow, more damage here!”]. The AMAZING thing is that NOBODY knows about my nerve damage, and it’s something you cannot discern with the naked eye. Short to say, I was pretty amazed!

After a few minutes the therapy ended, I rolled over to my side to ‘recover’. I felt REALLY good after the therapy. Albeit a little pulling / scraping sensation / pain in the area, but generally, my HIPS are aligned! WOO HOO! Save for major lethargy [which the therapist said is normal], I’m feeling great!

So go try it! It has to be the most RAD thing since I’ve done Bikram 😉



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  1. You know, I’ve heard Diane talk about that treatment, too – she says it is AWESOME and she recommends it to yogis sometimes. How cool! If my body ever gets all fucked up, I will be sure to try it out too!!

    • Soul flame! Yes do it do it! You don’t need a messed up body, just try it! It’ll feel AMAZING.

      However, you’re already amazing, so in doing that, you’ll be DOUBLE amazing.

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