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Hola Desde de Mexico!

Yes, you read right.

Well, if you don’t understand Spanish, I said “Hello from Mexico!”.

Again, yes, I am in Mexico!

It took a tremendous amount of GUTS and heartbreak and tears to tear myself from my home and loved ones, but I believe it’s still a move for the best.

Now, a lot of people were wondering : Why MEXICO?! Isn’t it dangerous, drug-addled and won’t people want to kidnap a small tiny Asian girl and make her sell drugs?

In fact, would you even buy drugs from a tiny Asian girl who screams like a banshee “BLOQUEAR LA RODILLA!!!” ????


Ok, let that question be for now.


So far, I’m enjoying myself here. I live a short drive from the studio but since I drive on the OTHER side of the road I’m not going to drive or ride a bike to the studio for that matter. Let me take a cab or the bus instead of having the unfortunate case of my face undergoing flattening surgery for free.



So far, so good. I’m living and teaching in Metepec, a 1-hour drive from Mexico city. The studio is small and quaint, and I have been teaching in English transitioning into Spanish. By transitioning I mean like my class is 10% Spanish *mild shocked look.


And for some reason the locals say that I speak Spanish like how a German would speak Spanish. HILARIOUS. So back to my question of whether you’d buy drugs from a tiny Asian girl, now would you buy drugs from a German stuck in the body of a tiny Asian girl? Yep, didn’t think so.


It’s been a week here, but so far I’ve not ventured out that far mainly due to the fact that my Spanish is dodgy and … I have no idea where to go.


However, last week I did venture out to Coyoacan in the city, it was a lovely quaint little neighbourhood! Went to Fridah Kahlo’s museum, had some Tostado Coyoacan which was SO GOOD and of course, took some pictures and some running around the city.

Here’s hoping to a lovely stay here in Mexico.