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If You Have 8 Minutes …

… to spare, do do do take a look at this photo-documentary by Darcy Padilla, called The Julie Project.

Darcy Padilla has photographed Julie over a period of 18 years, from when she was a teenager living in the Ambassador Hotel in San Francisco till her death from AIDS at age 36.

Sociopolitical issues aside, this documentary FORCES you to think and feel for a PERSON named Julie. Of course, there are many other cases like Julie all around the world, and it is oft too easy to forget about them and let them slip through the cracks of the social system.

This is one of those things that will stay with me for a very, very, long time.


Short Sweat Shorts : Shakti Activewear

I have recently invested my liver for 2 pairs of shorts and 2 super hot tops from Shakti Activewear. Although tops aren’t a concern for me [I can always buy Reebok tops, which are cheaper and good in their own way], I am nevertheless more concerned about shorts. Practicing Bikram Yoga in 40ºC heat wearing 3/4 pants and a crop top is akin to jumping into a river and doing 20 backstrokes all before running around in the Sahara. Also, by the end of class, your clothes get super heavy and weighs you down when you’re trying to fly away in full locust [Poorna Salabhasana]. Urgh. 


So glad that Rina brought in a few pieces of Shakti Activewear! Oh Rina, when you go, who’ll be our source of sexy shorts, sexy tops and eye candy? But I digress.


Behold, me modelling my Shakti Activewear shorts and tops.


Tree Pose

Tree Pose




Bearing in mind that I wear a size S, and the shorts DO get shorter halfway through class thanks to all the intense stretching. But fret not, no ass cheek came out [says she with no ass], neither did I flash anyone else in class my genitalia. These Shakti shorts STAY PUT where they’re supposed to be! 


If you’re wondering why my navel looks weird [ok if you weren’t, I’ll tell you anyway], it’s cause I had a navel piercing which didn’t sit too well, plus another scar from a laproscopic procedure to remove my appendix. If only I could sell it to raise funds for Teacher Training ..


The top I’m wearing in this photo is a halter neck top, with adjustable strings for women who are blessed with a more bountiful bounty. As I was. A slight push-up guaranteed to bring the girls out to town, I didn’t quite like the strings on the front as sweat pooled there and went up my nose during Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee. Maybe I ought to retie it before class. The halter neck is a tied halter, which allows for adjustability. Again, I found it to be a wee bit disturbing as the knot got in the way of my backward bend [or any other posture that requires neck work, eg Camel].


Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose


I didn’t get it right in this photo. I should be sitting down lower with my left hand more to the left, just a wee bit. This is why you need to look in the mirror before you look up! And shoulder always to the chin! If you’ve got a flexible cervical spine [like me], this posture is easy peasy. Not only does this posture help open up your hips, it also helps to stretch and stregthen your cervical spine. 


As you can see, no camel toe, no ass coming out, no weird or odd looking privates making a guest appearance. Excuse the white tag that’s sticking out under my right boob. It’s the Shakti Activewear tag, and I have no intention of cutting it off lest the sharp edges irritate my delicate skin.


On a side note, ARGH my boyfriend cropped my left foot out of the photo 😦


Tree Pose (back)

Tree Pose (back)


The shorts sit really, really, really low on the hip. So low, you can see my full tattoo during class. But like I said, it still covers up all bits perfectly. I like the backview of this blue top. And wow, I can see my scapula in this photo. 


Tree Pose (back)

Tree Pose (back)


Excuse my right knee, it should be pushed further back to get both knees in one line. 

My spiderback top! Nice, bright flouro pink, I had to soak this top in vinegar lest it stains my white towels a pale shade of pink. Well, during class yesterday, I dripped pink sweat onto my pristine white towels. Argh! Back to the vinegar vat…


And no, that isn’t cellulite you see on my thighs. I was sitting on a rattan chair which resulted in blemished-looking thighs. 


Disco Pose

Disco Pose


I ran out of postures to do that would perfectly show the front, so this came about. As you can see, perfect boob coverage in the spiderback top. 


I also just wanted to show off my 2 pack. Hah! 


In short : Shakti Activewear = the way to go! Comfortable, lightweight, easy to wash, fast to dry, sexy and fits nicely on my miniature hips. 


Cons : Dyes may be too strong, super expensive.



If only they sell Shakti Activewear here in Malaysia 😦



Ad-I that Das?

Adidas showcased its Fall / Winter 2008 collection yesterday and I shamelessly invited myself to the event.


Well, not really. I got through thanks to Joyce and posing in my best Yoga pose holding the Adidas logo. 



Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Pose


Yes, that’s me in the office. Please don’t laugh. Thanks to Hazel for taking a piccie of me! I was actually gritting my teeth telling her to hurry it up before I fell flat on my nose, like this : 

Failed Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Failed Standing Bow Pulling Pose


I didn’t know I had back and shoulder muscles 😛 Too bad my ab muscles aren’t that obvious, it’s all hidden under a layer of fat.


The event was supposed to start at 7.00pm and buka puasa [breaking of fast for Muslims] at 7.30pm. THEN, we all had to exercise 😦 


I don’t mind the dancing [I, afterall, danced like a crab with rictus on a hot bed of coal] and I certainly don’t mind the yoga [although it’s done in an air-conditioned room, not good for the muscles!] but I DO MIND exercising after supposedly eating dinner! To avoid puking food all over celeb-babes and getting kicked out of the event, I munched healthily on fruits and veggies. 😦


But on to the pictures! [Since it’s been a long time since this blog is filled with them]. Pictures courtesy of Cathy, one of the winners of the contest sponsored by Adidas 🙂


Jien & Henry

Jien & Henry


She kicks butt!

She kicks butt!


Dahpne Iking in Stella McCartney for Adidas

Dahpne Iking in Stella McCartney for Adidas


Stephanie Chai & myself

Stephanie Chai & myself


I look like a wet rat next to her :s



The Adidas Ambassadors

The Adidas Ambassadors


Overall I felt the event was a success, but I didn’t like how they touted it as a “women’s only event” and suddenly stood 2 male hosts there [sure sure eye candy and what not, but hell, my sports bra doesn’t have any padding so all you can see sometimes are nipples!]. 

I went in specifically for the Yoga class conducted by Ninie Ahmad, a celebrity yoga instructor [I like the way she writes about how Yoga is a spiritual journey]. But oh woe, suddenly a horde of random aunties came in as well! And they said the event was strictly invite only! What really irked me was that we all had to be in Adidas gear [since it’s after all, an ADIDAS event], but these aunties weren’t! Sheesh.


So much for equality and fairness and what not 😦

Thanks to Cathy for the piccies! xoxo





p/s : I still have yet to tell you about Bikram Yoga, the life-changing Yoga I’ve started 7 months ago.

Stand Inside Your Love

In what has to be [in my opinion, at least] one of the most underestimated songs of the millennium, I bring forth – The Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love. Many thanks to Don, cause I sucked this love song from his collection of uber-awesome songs.

The video that you’re about to see is inspired by Aubrey Beardsley’s illustration for Oscar Wilde’s tragedy play, “Salome”.

“Salome” is based on the Biblical story of Salome, stepdaughter of the tetrarch Herod Antipas, who, to her stepfather’s dismay but to the delight of her mother Herodias, requests the head of Jokanaan (John the Baptist) on a silver platter as a reward for dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils.

Dark, haunting and deathly beautifully executed art direction, Stand Inside Your Love is indeed a love song sung by those who are sickeningly in love. *cough.


Since I’ve been watching tonnes of movies lately [and not reviewing them, naughty me], I’ve decided to continue the tradition from my old blog, but with a twist : giving you a review in less than 10 words. 😀

I really don’t want to bore you with boring details [since everyone wants to read on the go-go-go, but I’ve outlined some finer/fine-ish points bulleted below 😀

Get Smart

Hot spy vs bumbling spy with genuine LOLs.

  • Lots of jibes regarding the [soon to be gone, I hope!] Bush administration


“No, it’s NUCLEAR”

“Right, whatever”

  • I reiterate, I abso-fucking-lutely hate HATE hate Hoi Polloi [ie non Couple / isolated] seats in the cinema. Why? Cause every little shake / tap is enough to send gargantum tremors up your chair that’ll rock the Richter scale

The Other Boleyn Girl

Hot sisters battle for throne.

  • Very nice directing, even better wardrobe
  • Ah, to have 2 hot young Hollywood femme fatales battle it out with the equally hot Eric Bana should be made … illegal

Lucky Number Slevin

Mistaken identity lands hottie in twisted plot.

  • Brilliant acting by Hartnett and Willis. Maybe it’s time I took Mr.Hartnett seriously. Like, a serious actor, of course

  • Watch out for the twist at the end!

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian

Prince and kids save kingdom, inhabitants happy

Well, what else could I say?

  • Ben Barnes tries to put on a Spanish accent, since the Telmarines in the movie had Spanish conquistador influences around them. Hmm, still doesn’t have me entirely convinced

  • Excellent cinematography, and well done with the costumes. Narnia IS indeed a more savage place 😀

Forbidden Kingdom

Chinese mythology characters save kid

  • UGH. Since when did Monkey King speak English?! God, no no no! ARGH! *tears hair out

  • Watch only if you’re a semi Kung Fu movie fan. Otherwise, catch the movie below!

Kung Fu Panda

Obese panda learns Kung Fu – saves village

  • Feel good animation of the year! Although, I can’t fathom why a duck has a panda for a son

  • Has just enough humour to amuse the kiddies and the adults

  • Po has the cutest bulge ever, just like Kel’s!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy saves planet. Aliens are grateful.

  • Indiana Jones, as I recall, is an ADVENTURE movie not a fantasy / sci-fi movie! Spielberg should just take his stinking sci-fi ass and haul it out from the movie! Aliens?! WTF!

  • Corny one-liners *cringe

“I have to return the skull”


“Because it told me to”

This was the part I cringed so hard you had to Botox my face to keep it from ever cringing again. ARGH!

Phew, only 7 movies I have watched this year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a box set of all 6 seasons of Sex and the City to finish before I buy the DVD 😀