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Clarins Cares

Clarins Malaysia has recently launched its charity programme titled “Clarins We Care”. So, what does Clarins really care about [and whyYOU should care!] <–haha punny, I couldn’t resist!


What Clarins is doing is selling 2009 diaries for ONLY RM12 at all Clarins counters worldwide. Proceeds raised from the sales of these diaries goes towards purchasing educational tools for less fortunate children. And the fabulous thing about this is that Clarins randomly chooses different charity houses each year, thus giving all disadvantaged children a fair chance at education. 


And since Clarins is in the spirit of giving and sharing [since we’re near Christmas and all], they’re giving away FREE vouchers on their website for you to enjoy a :

– A free skin consultation + 2 samples

– Eyebrow shaping

– Pampering hand massage



Ah but of course, there’s no such thing as a free meal, non? All you have to do is send an eCard with Clarins with one of the drawings done by an underprivileged child to 3 friends and wa-lah, you get a voucher!

Vouchers from Clarins

Vouchers from Clarins


Also, you can pledge how you’d save our dwindling rainforest and yep, you got it – you get another voucher! 

Pledge towards a worthy cause!

Pledge towards a worthy cause!







I feel so warm and fuzzy already. So go get your diary, and go redeem your vouchers!





p/s : Aren’t the themes for gmail so cute? Loves it!