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The Etymology of ‘Rempit’

An intensive and extensive study in a Malaysian Menace by Professor Junaidi b. Aminuddin

Handsome Scientist / Awesome Detailer / Badass Biker Extraordinaire


Since my poor Kangoo ain’t back from the hospital yet, I bitched to Junaidi the Hottie [or Jun for short] about my woes of being car-less and cursing the menace that is the Rempit [illegal bikers who rev and speed on the motorway].


Here begins the Convo. Please note that since I’ve set my gmail in Spanish [laugh all you want, Heathens], Yo = Me / I = Mei.



junaidi: kapchai is a term derived from the honda cubs
  and who drove them?
  cub chais
 Yo: err
 where does the term rempit come from
 junaidi: hah! that is a whole different discussion

Yo: what’s the female equivalent of a rempit
 junaidi: minah
 Yo: minah?
  mat minah
 junaidi: no!
 mat = boy
 Yo: -__-
 junaidi: minah = aminah
 Yo: so er,
 junaidi: old school names
 Yo: minah rempit
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: woooooooooooooo
 junaidi: rempit probably came from the word rem
coz its like saying rpm
  but retarded malay kids say ramp
 Yo: revolutions per minute
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: DOES NOT sound like REM!!!!!
 junaidi: yes i know
  but bare with me
  i mean bear
 Yo: okay, bare i shall
 junaidi: HAHAHAHA
junaidi: moving on
 Yo: you first
 junaidi: so you can say
  ramp it
  or rem it
  hence rempit
 Yo: ….
  there’s a malay movie
  or something like that
  about the life of a sad sorry rempit
 such brilliant performances!
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: it makes me want to go and give them a hug
 junaidi: acherly there are several
 Yo: evolusi kl drift
 junaidi: KL menjerit
 junaidi: and REMP-IT
 Yo: er, jun
  why do YOU know all these movie titles?
 junaidi: i do my research
  you know
 Yo: “idolaku remp-it”
 junaidi: purely educationly
 damn it
 Yo: you cant even spell it right
  sayangku evolusi kl drift
  dengan si cantik dan seksi fasha sandha
 junaidi: ooooh
  omg lah
 junaidi: siaaaaal la
  she’s okay la
  not that bad
 Yo: she’s a stoner
 she aint that pretty
 junaidi: you think so?
 Yo: hanis zalikha
  now that’s a hot malay chick
 junaidi: but theres also aother variation to the origins of the word rempit
  you see
 Yo: such as?
  cause they keep on ramming into cars
  rem it, rempit
 junaidi: cheap old dirty malaysian bikes usually meant for speed demons
  2 stroke bikes
  a characteristic of their engineering is their small narrow exhaust pipes
 when the throttle is turned
  you get this sound
 junaidi: reeeeengggg
 junaidi: reenenggg
  because you’re in the lower gear
 Yo: when u turn it off it goes eeeeet
 junaidi: you get what you called back pressure
 causing a pop (due to vacuum)
  this pop ranges from
  to Pit
  big harleys go BOOM
  small bikes
 Yo: ………
 junaidi: you get the idea
 Yo: you have got to be kidding me
 junaidi: i.e
  no i’m not
  i shall demo one day
 Yo: REEEEENNG and piiiit
 junaidi: yes
  i shall blog about this
 junaidi: so at stationary mode
 Yo: The origins of Rempit
 junaidi: when mr i’m so cool my pants are too small
  and tight
 Yo: Dissertation by Junaidi Aminuddin
 junaidi: shows off by turning the throttle at stationary
  the soudn goes like this
  rreeeenggggggg pit pitpitpitpitpt …pit……..pit
And there you have it folks!

An Accident and a Gangster

For those of you who are not in the know [or have been politely referred here by me, since I’m so goddamn lazy and tired of repeating the same story], I was involved in an automobile accident on Sunday morning at 1.45.

Don’t worry, me or my passenger Michael wasn’t at all hurt [I think… actually come to think of it, I didn’t even ask Michael whether he was OK, cause I was in a shock! HAHA what a terrible friend / student]

It happened on the NKVE expressway. I was sending Michael home after some drinks with Erik [at this point of time, I must say I’ve only had TWO pints of Guiness]. We were coming from Jalan Duta heading towards Subang. Since it was a nice clear Saturday night / Sunday morning, it was the perfect weather for illegal motorbike racers [from the local species called Mat Rempits, scientific name Idiotus Maximium Castrati]

I was happily driving on my middle lane when suddenly the Mat Rempit RAMMED into my right door. There was a huge jolt. So we stopped the car by the side of the road to inspect the damage. At first I thought that I knocked into a nearby car, but it turns out that an individual of the esteemed Mat Rempit species WAS RACING and fucker knocked into me.

Okay. Let me put it in a very succinctly. And from here onwards, I’m going to erupt in foul language as it took utmost control not doing so for the last 5 paragraphs.

– Mei driving around 80 km/h on NKVE.

– Fucker Rempit knocks into Mei.

– Mei stops car.

– Rempit and Plus Ronda [Highway police] suggest I reverse all the way there [1km to scene of accident]. NO FUCKING WAY! Isn’t that the STUPIDEST most LUDICROUS suggestion EVER?!

– Michael and Mei meet with the Rempit.

– Rempit demands payment. Say I was wrong.

-Mei refuses.

– Rempit still wants payment for hospital fees. That filthy little maggot can still walk and talk, what payment?! I’ll shove coins up your ass, motherfucker, how’s that for payment? Then you can fish it out of your ass and when you move around, it’ll make this little jingle sound and you’ll remember me for that.

At this point of time, I’d have to thank my hero of the night, Michael. He was sleeping in the backseat of the car before the accident happened [sorry!!]. The Hong Kong / Scottish gangster in Michael made an appearance as he stands up to that puny asswipe and says “NO PAYMENT, WE’RE NOT GONNA PAY”. I remember having to pull Michael back [hey, moving a grown man with arms the size of your thighs is kinda difficult…].

Imagine if he wasn’t with me, with 7 – 10 mangy Rempits and 1 tiny girl [I consider myself tiny, thanks], things could’ve gotten preeettyy ugly. So thanks Michael, I owe you one!

And thanks to Erik for offering the bestest of advice.

And you know what the best thing about this accident is? That motherfucking Rempit HAS NO LICENCE. So I can’t motherfucking make a claim against him. WHAT AN ASSHOLE. I hope you die of syphillis in your throat with your genital organs all swelled up and inflammed. And should the next time you get onto a motorbike you’d get boils on your rectum so you’ll find it difficult sitting down and taking a shit.

And I hope to one day install wire median barriers all across highways to protect other road users from the menace that is the Rempit. No idea what they are? Well take a look at this news release. While I am sorry for the family’s tragic loss, a huge part of me wants this installed on roads so it’ll help eliminate the Rempit population and control illegal racing. And what the fuck were they doing racing on a motorway? They can go fuck off back to their little village and rape their cousins and sisters and have even more inbred hicks such as themselves.

Like I told someone [I forgot who, or maybe I just told too many people], I seem to be some sort of Rempit accident magnet. First this accident, and now this. Why can’t some nice, hot, rich, young and heterosexual male just rear-end [in more ways than one 😉 ] my car. This means I’d get his number, marry him and drive around in a Passat or be driven around in a Mercedes Guardian.

Then those mangy Rempit fucks can come crashing into my car all they like because I’ll make sure that I’ve got a gun on me.

Here are some pictures of poor Kangoo. When I started her up this morning she was shuddering like an epileptic. 😦

Her right face is bashed...

Her right face is bashed...


Broken teeth 😦

Where it started ...

Where it started ...

Bruised and scratched

Bruised and scratched

Not forgetting my knight at night, Michael :


Michael, Erik, Mei, Mel … and the rest I forgot


p/s : I estimate repairs to be around RM4000. That’s NZ$2000. There goes my savings for Boracay. FUCK.